Part Two: Chapter Thirteen (A New Heart)

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Alucard tended to my self-inflicted wounds, tenderness in his touch, with the knowledge of how it felt... of how I felt.

"Come on, Survivor. You're in need of some sleep. I think we both are." He helped me to my feet, dizziness taking over from the blood loss. He caught me as my body almost collapsed, sitting me down on the edge of the tub. Nothing was said between us, simply because there is nothing to be said. He kept a hand on my back, soothing my frayed nerves, and warding off the loneliness that plagued my heart.

"Are you alright now?" He meant the dizziness. I nodded as the last of it was fading, and he helped me back to my feet. Slowly, he walked with me back to the bed, which was smaller than the one at our home, but he didn't care. I honestly didn't either... I liked being close to him. It was almost as if...

I was falling in love with him.

Over the months we spent together, I felt the closest to him than I have ever felt with Shadow.

I laid down, curling on my good side.

"I have to go talk with the table. Get some rest and I'll fill you in when you wake up, okay?" His words were soft.

"Okay." I replied, my voice equally as soft. He squeezed my shoulder, lingering a few moments longer as if he wanted to do more, but he restrained himself. He left after that, leaving me by myself... Until Kinsey came in.

"Momma..." She was holding her build-a-bear that I made her, in her Frozen Pyjamas. "Can I sleep with you?" I smiled with tears in my eyes and she came in climbed in bed with me.

"You never have to ask that, baby bear." I cuddled with her as she fell asleep, and I took her hearing aids off, setting them on the nightstand next to me.

You're not alone.

No... No, I wasn't.


In the morning, Kinsey was still asleep, snoring loud as her grandfather. I smiled to myself, kissing her forehead. Alucard has been to bed, as his side of the bed was rumpled, and Kinsey wasn't a fitful sleeper. I let her sleep, and changed into some fresh clothes, tying my hair up into a bun, and made my way out to the living room.

Alucard was in the kitchen, shirtless and cooking something that made my stomach give away a warning growl that I was here. Alucard looked up, a Cheshire grin on his face.

"You look a lot better." I gave a halfhearted smile. He made enough to feed everyone here, and then some. "Hope you're hungry, made some of my famous Omelettes."

"If they're so famous, how come I haven't heard of them?" A playful smile found my lips, as well as his.

"It's because I haven't made them in awhile, and... I figured you could use a good breakfast that isn't sugar-filled, and possibly because you only came here two months ago." I rolled my eyes at him, not serious at all. He slid an omelette onto a plate, some sizzling pan fries on the side. It made my mouth water just at the sight. It had been awhile since I had a home cooked meal. Even Shadow didn't like me cooking... He always criticized something.

"It smells amazing." He handed me a plate and a fork.

"Wait until you taste it." My dirty mind immediately went to something else.

"Whoa, buddy, I don't go there until the third date." It got a laugh from him, but it was a much needed laugh.

"Just shut up and eat." I was pounded by a plethora of flavors combining into something I had never tasted. The mix of peppers, meat, and salsa together creating something else.

"Oh, my god..." I didn't stop the moan from slipping out of my mouth. "If I knew you cooked this good, I would have handed you the apron a long time ago." He gave me a number one trophy grin.

"My mom taught me." He had a slight blush to his cheeks.

"I'm going to go do some voodoo shit and bring her back to teach me to cook."

"She would have loved you." He said, his voice becoming a little somber. He took a seat next to me with his own plate.

"I'm sure I would have loved her, too." I put a hand over his, giving him a soft smile. His hands were soft, his skin warm.

As if that wasn't enough... He closed the distance between us, sealing his words with a kiss.

Soft. Sweet. Longing.

Loud cheers interrupted us as the members piled in for breakfast. I pulled away from Alucard with a significant red tint to my face.

"'Bout fucking time y'all two did that!" Michael clapped him on the shoulder. "And about fucking time you made your omelettes!" I snuck a look at Alucard, who rubbed the back of his neck, a soft pink tint coming to his bronzed skin.

Good thing I'm not the only one.

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