Jealousy or Love? Part 1

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Warnings: fluff and some angst and violence
Your h/c hair billowed in the breeze as you laughed throwing your head back. You were sitting on a sturdy log next to the love of your life. Legolas smiled greatly then suddenly grabbed your hand. This caught your attention, and you whipped your head towards him, making eye contact with him. Your heart pounded and your breath seemed stuck in your through. Somehow, it seemed like he was always able to make your heart skip a beat.

"You know... you look beautiful when you laugh. Your eyes... they sparkle like starlight," Legolas gave a toothy grin.

"Oh... I don't know about that..." you chuckled, blushing and looking away.

Legolas gently turned your head to make you face him, "Well I know that it's true, Y/N," Legolas leaned in closer and closer...

A horn blew.

An out-of-breath elf ran towards you to.

"LEGOLAS! there are- oh... Er, am I interrupting something?" the elf awkwardly looked from you to Legolas and back.
Legolas got up and so did you. He was still holding your hand. He went from the gentle, charismatic elf that he only showed to you to the firm and organized Prince of the Woodland Realm.

"No, you're not Feren. What's wrong?"

"Uh..." Feren cleared his throat before continuing, "There have been a huge group of spiders found in the middle of Mirkwood. It sounds like there may be intruders as well," Feren's voice grew serious.

"Understood. We'll be right there. Keep gathering elves. Thank you, Feren."

"Your welcome, Prince Legolas," Feren bowed before running off. Though, he smiled to himself, for he had never seen Legolas so enraptured by any creature in his life. Let alone an elleth.

"We better get going," Legolas nodded, starting to run off.

"Wait! Legolas," you quickly exclaimed, while grabbing onto his elvish garment.

"Yes, Y/N?" His eyes blue eyes looked deeply into yours.

You gently yet quickly pecked his cheek "I love you, Legolas," you whispered before running off with a smirk.

"I... I love you too..." he breathed, blushing excessively as he gingerly touched his cheek. Somehow, you were always able to take his breath away. Legolas then smiled before running after you.


You were an expert at running through the forest. After all, you are an elf. You gracefully leaped over fallen trees, slided down muddy hills, dodged curving roots, and hopped over tiny boulders. Even Legolas was left panting behind you.

"Wait up, my love!"

"Maybe you should catch up!" You snickered, running faster.Legolas smirked and then all of the sudden increased speed, but before he ran into you, he picked you up. You squealed.

"Looks like I already caught up with you, Y/N."

You laughed, "Alright, alright, elf-boy, now let me down!"

Legolas smiled from ear-to-ear and then plopped you down, "Meet you there!" he called. By the time he said that, he was already too far for you to hear.
"What?!" you called back.
Suddenly, as you caught up, you noticed that the elves were crouched down in the vegetation in an ambush position. As you looked ahead you saw many, many spiders. And we're those... dwarves?! You crouched down next to Legolas.

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