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I wrote this poem last year, and its near and dear to my heart. I appreciate comments, because I'd love to know how you think of it :)


Far away, in the land of dreams,

I have created a sanctuary,

Un-wordly in it's beauty,

And heavenly in it's peace.

Somewhere inside, you find a meadow,

With a creek that passes by,

The noise that it creates, 

Is in perfect harmony with the birds overhead.

Away from the wars, 

Away from the lies,

That this universe contains, 

And planet earth is abundant with.

Where else would you find

World leaders with a good purpose?

Not in this lifetime i suppose,

And not even the next.

Where else would you find

A child perfectly content with what it has?

A mother and a father,

That never abandon..no matter what.

Where else would you find

Human beings with good intentions?

No agenda in between,

No having to read between the lines.

Where else would you find

Groups of people, unharmed, and unscathed?

By either the wave of destruction they themselves create,

Or the one by everyone else.

Where else would you find,

That tiny spark of hope?

In an infants eye,

Smiling, not having a reason to cry.

Somewhere along the way you notice,

A small but distinct piece of paper,

Made of the bark of trees,

Followed by hurt and fears.

And suddenly my emotions are flooded,

With anxiety and stress.

It seems even the dream,

Couldn't take away distress.

But it's still better than waking up,

And smelling the smoke in the air.

Than watching the people die;

Than having to face reality.

Far away, in the land of dreams,

There is an escape from the truth.

But it's hard to accept,

That the truth always seems to haunt us...

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