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Didn't Know What I Have

Third Person POV

I always wonder how much are we willing to sacrifice for our beloved ones, can we give our lives for the ones we consider important to us? Can we at least take the bullet for them? Or if it was possible, to carry the burden that they are holding into our own shoulders and let them rest?

Can we at least protect them?

I wonder, are we all that selfish?

"Maki!" Just now, the one that is going to put my mind at ease is pursuing her beloved friend after a little fight they had "Please, listen to me!" She tried to hold her back from her friend's wrist but the red-headed was too furious to even listen to her. "You know I'm right!" They were discussing in the middle of the sidewalk, the red-headed trying to get as far as possible from her worrying friend.

"Leave me alone!" The red-headed said trying to make her friend to shut up but she just won't give up.

"Stop being so blind and look at me!" Her friend tried to grab her from her wrist again but only provoked for the red-headed to turn around and to push her to the floor. Her friend looked at the red-headed with her eyes widened making the red-headed to feel guilty immediately and tried to escape from the scene through one of the streets in Tokyo.

What she didn't realize was a car speeding up through the streets with the red-headed on its way. When she saw the car, it was too late for her to dodge it but not late for what was about to happen. Her friend pushed her away from the car putting herself on its way.

You don't need to think a lot to know what happens next...

Time skip: A Month Later

A coma and a big one...

In a scale from one to ten in responses given from the body of (Y/N) being ten almost dead, she's a seven and it's not surprise, why?

Three discs from her column broken and other two were fractured, her waist was fractured, four broken ribs, her right arm was broken and almost dies because of an hemorrhage caused by a big cut on her head at the moment of her unfortunate landing.

What was a surprise was that she lived, either if it was by the determination of the girls or the lunch she had, now the doctors only hope that she is lucky enough to walk by her own when she wakes up. Of course, thank that she saved Maki's life, the Nishikino Hospital is paying for all the expenses and the school, Otonokizaka is having a special tolerance for Nishikino Maki.

Now, Maki practically lives in the hospital room where her friend is. She eats there, uses the bathroom of the room and sleeps there only going home when she needs to take a shower or for a change of clothes. More than doing all of this because she was her friend, it was because of regret and deep thinking of what got (Y/N) in this delicate situation.

It was an argument; (Y/N) always saw Maki playing and sat behind her on the piano seat moving her body to the melody of the song. (Y/N) knew how much Maki loved playing the piano and how much she loved singing, she knew that Maki found herself in Muse but she couldn't understand why was Maki still so much into the matter of being the heiress of the hospital. When (Y/N) asked Maki about it, Maki quickly became aggressive and in response (Y/N) did too, things were said, specially coming from Maki's mouth, things that Maki knew were going to hurt her childhood friend but still said them.

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