Chapter Three

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"How many tallies do you have now?" Jamie asked, walking towards the food court

"Three." I bragged

"We're only two nights in!" Sam coughed

"When you don't have an agenda, you get a lot done." I shrugged

"I don't know how I'm going to do this you guys. I can't even get guys to look at me!" Jamie threw her hands up in the air.

"Everybody is looking at you now." Sam whispered

"Well, look at how you dress." I pointed out

"I wear the same kind of jeans you guys do, and t-shirts that don't show very much cleavage. What's so wrong with that?" She asked

"Boys want easy, and sloppy." I explained, "You have to show them how bad you want it, but don't seem to desperate. You have to rile them up enough that they want to take you then and there."

"And you need to change your style." Sam said, grabbing at the thick fabric covering her torso

"I don't have any money to change my entire wardrobe." she trailed off

"I do!" Sam squealed, "I'm going to pick you out some very nice outfits." Sam wrapped her arms through ours, and pulled us in the direction of her favorite shops


"That will be 283 dollars and 39 cents." The cashier at Forever 21 said. Sam handed her the credit card, and paid for all of the clothes that we had picked out for Jamie. She had objected when we showed her crop tops, sheer shirts, and shorts above the knee, but we'd finally convinced her that she looked gorgeous. We grabbed the bags from the counter and headed towards the center of the mall.

"I have one more place I want to take you guys, because both of you are in a dire need for these items." Sam dragged us along.

"No, I will not let you buy me 50 dollar bras." Jamie stomped

"I will!" I exclaimed, running into the store

"Welcome to Victoria's Secret, can I help you find anything?" A sales lady asked

"I need something sexy, but doesn't make me seem like a total slut."

"Oh-Kay, do you know your size?" she asked

"Nope." I said, popping the P.

"Well, lets get you sized, then I can get you some bras to try on." she smiled. she sized me, then sent me to the back with a basket of bras. Sam got Jamie to try on some non push-up bras, and in "very modest colors", whatever that meant. I chose two push-up bras, then set out to find some underwear. Jamie walked out of the dressing room with three different bras, one of them even being a push-up, and Sam led her over to the underwear. I picked out a couple of thongs, then helped Jamie pick some out. By the time we were done, and had gotten almost everything the store had to offer, our total was 456 dollars, which Sam paid for with no problem.

"When is that last time you got your hair done?" Sam asked, pulling at the small dread behind my ear.

"Last time I stayed the night at the shelter, Kandy put my hair in braids, but I took them out a week later because she did them so tight." I said

"No, I mean, like, a haircut, and color." she raised her eyebrows

"I went pink like, last year, but I haven't had a cut since I was twelve."

"Can I please take you to my hair lady?" she asked

"I don't care, but my dread is staying." I squinted my eyes, and within seconds, I was being pulled out to the car.

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