Not Enough

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I sit here in my red plaid pants
Writing poems that will never advance
I have this limited vocabulary
My writing is entirely arbitrary
I have no system
Please leave me to my rhythm
I can't take that stupid voice
Any more, I'm not one of your toys
The only reason you're my friend
Is because you like me to no end
My brain might implode
If you write your ode
To me being beautiful
The way you say it is pitiful
I know it's true
But I can't take compliments from you
I'm not saying I'm unworthy
Just that your mind isn't sturdy

If you find beauty

In someone like me
I'm so much more than that
Don't you dare make a pass at
Me, if, to you, I'm only pretty
I run a damn monarchy
I'm the queen and king in my world
In yours, I'm just another pearl
On the necklace another girl wears
We wouldn't make a good pair
I'm too full of myself, it's tough
That you're not full enough


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