Chapter 29

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Chapter 29


If someone asked me what the first thought that ran through my head was when I saw Finn kneeling in the playroom…well it's  not a word I could say in mixed company.  It's not anything I expected or planned for and it caught me so off guard that I was barely able to control myself.  The fact is, when I saw him, I just wanted to f*uck him hard into next week.  But Finn was reaching out, he needed something.  Maybe after the episode of the previous night, he needed me to make him feel secure and safe, and maybe being dominated by me was the way to give him that security.  And nothing would make me happier than to work his body until I had complete control over it, to accept the responsibility he was handing me, bring him to a place of pure euphoria and then watch his face as his release exploded throughout his body.

His face was certainly a sight to see.  It was something I was coming to crave, the expression he made as I pushed him over the edge.  It was heady and I would never get enough of it.

After we showered, Finn went off to get dressed.  I was taking him out to dinner tonight and he wanted to wear something special.   I had been pretty much letting him choose his clothes all of the time now, but thought that if he wanted more of the Dom/Sub relationship, when we got to the island I would start introducing more of a routine again.

I wandered into Finn's art room to see what he had been working on today.  I saw the painting resting on one of the easels and I was immediately struck by it.  The emotions he put into the work radiated off the canvas and I knew right away the fear and anxiety that had been swirling in his head last night and how it had been unconsciously bothering him this morning, even when he said he was fine.

Was I annoyed that he wasn't truthful?  No, I honestly don't think Finn was able to put it all into words and through the painting he was able to process what he was feeling.  One thing my baby had shown me was more honesty and openness than I'd seen in people a lot older than him.  He still had trouble understanding his feelings, but that would come in time as he matured.  I always had to keep that in mind in the way I dealt with him.  I would never punish him for something that was outside his current ability.

"It's not very good, I don't know, I was just in a weird mood this morning and that's what came out…" Finn mumbled behind me.

"Baby, this is amazing," I interrupted.  "It's very powerful and I can see in the different brush strokes and images everything that you were feeling last night was just coming out onto the canvas."  I pointed to different parts of the painting, "anger, fear… comfort.  Baby, you are incredibly talented, more than I even realized."  I watched as he blushed and shrugged his shoulders.  I chuckled at his inability to take a compliment and his humble nature.  His look showed surprise, like he didn't think I would see what his painting was about.

"Did you feel better after you painted this?" I asked as I pulled him closer and ruffled his hair. 

"Umm, yeah.  It was like…I was able to release all these pent up feelings," he explained, the awe in his voice almost audible, "and when I was finished, I felt…relieved…free.  I wasn't scared or freaked out anymore."

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