Drunk in love (Part 2)

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She then kissed me, it was sloppy since I didn't kissed her back. She then held my face forcefully with  her hands, I then pulled her away from me. She may be drunk, but I don't want to take advantage of her situation.

"Why?? what's wrong? KISS ME!!!" she yell as she tried to hold onto me, it was cute actually. She's like a kid.

"Let go of me Kendall, please" "Noooo, I-i do-don't want to. Not you t-too" she said and started to sob as tears tried to escape from her eyes "Ugh, okay fine" I carried her inside as I kick the door behind me to close it. She just keep on holding onto me until we reached the bed.

As I tried to laid her down she held onto me closer as if we aren't close enough. So, I just went in bed and waited for her to sleep. Sooner I heard her cute snores, hah, it really is. Even though her mascara is messed up, she's still cute.

So I quickly but carefully remove myself away from her and exchange myself as a pillow to get changed and to get some face towels and water so, I can clean her face up at least.

As I was doing so, I hear her say some stuff like "Don't go" and some guys name that I don't give a shit.

I looked up the clock it was 4 am so, I decided not to go to bed and instead prepare some breakfast for her and left some water and medicine for her later.


Kendall's POV

I woke up with the shittiest headache ever, but I realized this isn't my room.


I thought to myself, did I fucked with someone again, I immediately checked underneath the blanket and thank God I'm still in my clothes.

I look around and the bedroom is really looking modern and chic. When I look at the bedside table I saw a water and a med with a little paper beside. I read it.

"Good Morning :)
             I know the headache sucks but here's the water and medicine. Also if you want to change clothes, it's already prepared inside the bathroom.

Don't worry nothing happened *wink wink* just kidding. The only thing I did was remove your make-up, that's all I promise. And if you are hungry just leave this room and go to the kitchen because I already prepared it. So see you soon.


As I finished reading this, I realized I was smiling the whole time, so I did change my clothes and drank the medicine. After getting ready I left and walked to the living area and saw a sleeping person. That's Y/n, probably. When I moved closer I saw that she's holding something --- a spatula and she's wearing an apron. Did she just fell asleep?

So I removed the spatula and slowly fix her to the couch and tried my best to remove the goddamn apron. As I tried to remove the apron from her head, that's where I see her features more clearly. She's so, pretty. I slowly looked at her eyes, nose and her lips.

I didn't realize that while I was looking at her features I was getting too close. The only thing that made me stop away from kissing her was my phone vibrating. I hesistantly distanced myself from her and answered the phone.

"Hello?" I groaned

"Kendall??! where the fuck are you?" I heard a frustrated Kylie said

"Uh, somewhere that you don't need to know..."

"Oh, fuck you Ken. I was scared shitless when you left like that, please come home." she said worriedly

"Okay, okay. I'll see you later" I then hanged up

As I look back at her she was sleeping peacefully. So I went to the kitchen to bring the apron and the spatula where it should be and saw the food she cooked for me. When I looked at it, I giggled because I saw an organized smiley face food. Did she taught of me as a kid? I just shook my head and ate it. Washed the dishes after.

Then I went back to her and wrote a little note with my phone number and a kiss mark. I don't know why there's a need for that but meh. When I look back at her, I still don't want to go but I need too. I just wish she would contact me, then my eyes caught something --- her phone.

I look back at her and to her phone and back at her again and to her phone again. This went for a little while longer.

Oh, Kendall, what are you planning? You are out of your mind, aren't you? Are you this desperate? No... okay fine, I am. Something tells me that, she needs to be mine. Wait, wait, hold up your horses Jenner, MINE? da fuck? gurlll

"Okay, self shut the fuck up" I said to myself.

"Fuck this. I'm getting her number"

So I rolled my eyes and grabbed her phone and opened it, but it was locked. So, I slowly walk up to her. Got her hands and put her finger to get it scanned and voilá. Opened.

I immediately dialed my number and ringed my phone. I, of course deleted the history of me calling my number and put her phone where it was before.

As I walked towards the exit, I rechecked everything if I was forgetting something and realized that I was still wearing her clothes and a smirk on my face slowly crept up. Nasty me. Now, I have reasons for her to meet with me. I then left and hope that we'll meet again. ASAP.


Yes, Hi there. I'm alive. Sorry, this part took almost years before getting published. Sorry this part 2 is shitty. I just have no idea yet but I hope y'all liked it. And maybe, just maybe Part 3 is where the action begin Hahahahaha ;)

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