Chapter Two

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The shelter I stayed at was only half a mile from Sam's house on the ocean, but tonight, it only felt like a couple of feet. When the courts decided that I didn't need to be in the foster system anymore, they made a deal with a youth shelter. I had to check in every night with the shelter, but that didn't mean I had to spend the night there. Usually, I'd find my way to the Coral Motel, an abandoned hotel in the ghetto part of town. A lot of the homeless teens had run out the older people, and took over the hotel for themselves. There were still some mattresses in most of the rooms, and I'd managed to get my hands on a room with a door that locked. It wasn't much, but I'd made it home.

"Hey Lola, how's it going?" Cameron, one of the guys who stays here normally, asked

"Fine, how are you?" I leaned against my door, trying to find the key in my bag.

"I'm pretty good. The shelter is trying to get social services to come check out the hotel, but I think I got 'em off my back. I got one more year, then they can't bother me anymore." I chuckled

"You're only seventeen?" I asked, looking up at him

"Yeah, why?" he asked

"Cameron, I have a favor to ask you." I smiled

"What is it?"

"I need something very important from you, and I would be really appreciative if you would do this really simple thing for me." I stepped over to him

"Anything." he breathed

"Come into my room, and I'll explain everything." I whispered into his ear. He gulped, and followed me into my room, knowing exactly what the favor was when I locked the door behind me.


I marked a tally on the board, and laid down on Sam's queen size bed. I didn't know how long she would be, so I turned the TV on and relaxed. About an hour later, I heard her car pull up.

"Hey Sam!" I jumped on her as she walked through her bedroom door.

"Holy Shit!" She screamed

"What's the matter?" I heard her mom call from downstairs

"Nothing, the cat just scared me!" she called back, "How long have you been here?"

"Not long. I need to do some laundry, can I borrow some clothes and throw mine in your washer?" I asked

"Yeah, thats fine." I grabbed some jeans and a band tee from a few years ago and put them on. I put my clothes down the laundry chute for Rosetta to do. She set her shopping bags down and pulled out some very skimpy outfits.

"What happened to not prostituting yourself out?" I laughed

"I'm not!" she stomped her foot, "I'm just trying to make myself more appealing."

"I think you may be trying to hard." I raised my eyebrows as I pulled out a very short skirt

"Here, I bought you some stuff too, charity case." she referenced last night. I emptied the contents of the bag onto the floor. A new bag to keep all of my stuff in, some bed sheets and comforter, a new pair of vans, some socks and underwear, shower and bathroom stuff, and some of my favorite snacks.

"See, this is why we're best friends." I laughed, then started placing the new things in my new bag, and transferring all the other stuff from my other bag, "Where's Jamie?"

"She should be on her way over, I told her to meet me here at two." Sam shrugged. We waited another ten minutes until we heard Jamie come through the door.

"Okay ladies, any news?" Jamie shook her head back and forth, and Sam looked extremely bored, "No? Well, have I got some stuff to tell you!" I clapped. Both of them looked up expectantly. "I have got exactly one tally on the board, which puts me in the lead!" I smiled

"No way! On the first night?" Jamie asked


"Who?" Sam asked

"Cameron, from two doors down." I explained

"What was it like?" Sam inquired

"It was not all that great, actually. It was more humid than I expected." I shrugged

"Who knew you were the slut?" Sam laughed

"It only goes up from here my friends." I winked, and continued to tell them about the disappointing sex.

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