Cheeky Challenges

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The next phone beeps, and it's mine. I read, "The oldest boy must snog the girl he fancies the most. Go!"

Alex raises up and makes a b-line for Megan. They snog for a few seconds. They both seem absolutely chuffed to do so.

The oldest boy ... crap, that's Alex.

"He wouldn't have done it, babe." Georgia rubs my arm, reading my expression.

Dean is next to receive a text. "Two Islanders must top and toe in bed and suck each other's toes. Go!"

Frankie and Jack make a b-line down the small gap by the fence and into the bedroom. Running up behind them, I emerge through the door to see them both sucking each other's toes.

I didn't think this challenge could get any weirder...

Megan receives the next text, "One girl must plant 20 lipstick kisses on a boy's body. Go!"

I immediately jump up from my seat as I know I left a lipstick next to my bed, and it's quicker to get to than the dressing room.

I launch myself into the bedroom and pull the cap off of the red lipstick.

I turn back around, and Jack is stood there. Not the boy I wanted to plant kisses on, but I coat my lips and rapidly kiss his stomach anyway.

"16, 17, 18, 19, 20! Done!" Jack announces.

"The shortest boy must snog the shortest girl!" Samira calls. "Ellie and Charlie!"

Ellie and Charlie run and kiss each other, and it looks perfect on both of their behalf's.

"That's Josh," Georgia mutters, sliding her phone back out of her pocket. "Crap."

"He wouldn't do that to ya hun." Dani shakes her head. "No way, that's muggy."

There's another beep. "All Islanders must get into a sex position with a someone of the opposite sex. Go!"

I immediately jump up, and Dean rushes towards me. He grabs my hips and lays down on the floor, placing me above him, reverse cowgirl style.

"Two Islanders that have names beginning with the same first letter must snog for 5 seconds." Dani reads. "Oh crap, that's me and Dean."


"Yeah snog!" She shakes her head. "I'm sorry guys, that's cheating, I can't do it."

Actually, good on you Dani. Good on you.

After a few more challenges, including bombing in the pool, the final challenge pops up.

"Islanders, the boy with the smallest shoe size must kiss the girl he fancies the most. Go!"

After discovering that Dean is a size 7, she shoots up from his beanbag and looks around. As soon as his gaze lands on my own, Dean shoots towards me and crashes his lips onto mine.

He moves fast, but the kiss is still gentle enough to feel nice. The hustle and bustle and shouting of other Islanders cause us to break off after five seconds.

I wouldn't have minded a little more though.

That night ...

I throw on a navy and white striped skater dress with a built-in push-up bra and some white wedges.

It was revealed earlier that we won the party, so as I make my way downstairs, Dean is stood with two fancy drinks in hand.

The music is booming, and after claiming my drink, Dean leads me over to the grass for a dance. He's definitely a lot more smooth-moving than Alex - less rigid. I can't help but notice his lighting blue eyes either.

After the music has settled and we're all sweating out our body weight, Dean asks, "can we have a chat?"

He leads me to the swing, and sits me down. "I wanted to talk and see how you are, and where your head is at." Dean smiles.

"I don't really know. I mean, you seem so lovely, but so is Alex." I smile. "I guess it's because Alex and I have spent more time together."

"Then... let's change that." Dean proposes. "And I know how we can make this night better."

Dean shuffles closer to me and rests a hand on my leg. His head dives to mine, and his lips massage my own. His kiss is softer and more gentle and more passionate than the last time, but there's still something in the back of my head, telling me that this is wrong.

"Mm." I moan when I pull away.

"I liked that," Dean whispers, planting a peck on my forehead. "Come on. Let's go and sit with the others."

Dean laces his fingers into my own, and as I stand up, he gives me one final kiss to the lips.

The next day ...

"I saw you and Dean yesterday," Georgia smirks. "What's going on there then hun?"

My stomach churns and twists and spins like a gyroscope. "I have no idea."

Because I don't. I don't know what Alex is thinking, or how he's behaving, or what to feel.

My thoughts are interrupted by Georgia's phone beeping. "Text!" She calls.

"You have been sent a villa story of Casa Amor."

"Huh?" I stand up from my seat, and stare down at the phone.

The video starts to play, and Adam is the first on the screen. He's telling some tattooed girl that 'he'd be happy to crack on with her'."

Poor girl.

Wes is lying next to another girl, Sam has offered any girl to sleep in his bed, Josh does some sort of thrusting motion when some other girl leaves the room.

And Alex appears, making out with some other blonde girl.

The fact that other people are in the shot, all congregated together, tells me that it was part of the challenge. But God don't I miss him.

If he knew I kissed Dean, he'd be heartbroken.

The final clip is of Jack.

"Oh, my God."

"Oh, my God." He repeats.

Dani's face scrunches. "That's the bird I was seeing before I came in here."

I inhale sharply. By the time I even turn my head to look at Dani, her face is one of shock and tears.

"I told you it was bullshit!" She shrieks, covered in tears and sorrow. "I told you it was bullshit! It's like I'm not allowed to be happy!"


Glad to be back on track again! Also, who else felt so bad for Dani?? Xx

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