Eyes On Her

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Part 15-

Demi's POV-

I still was so mad at Y/N for just forgetting about me and going a date with some other chick. Yet again bet she's a right hoe if she's met her for that bar she working at, I could feel my blood running high inside me, clenching my jaw together just replying the text in my head. To be honest I was starting to get so jealous of this other little bitch taking my babe from me.. It sound weird because we not actually together we just acted it. Well we did sleep together a while back that got to mean something to her...
Anyways I heard Mads over talking to someone at the door it did sound like Y/N voices but I though it was my brain playing crap on me, so I stayed in the kitchen talking to my mom about her. I didn't know what to do now she's got a new girlfriend sic show her I want to fight for her? Shall I leave her to be happy.. I just didn't know what to do. All I know my heart was hurting and aching from all this pain inside me, I just wanted to break down and cry on my mom but I didn't want to show that I'm weak and stuff so I held it all in.

Next thing I hear the front door close and this voice got closer, I'm now sure it was her voice, as I went to get up and see who was in the living with mads, she shouts my name so now i have this weird feeling inside of me, once I reached the living room door I lead against the doorframe, with her eyes glued to me.. It was getting pretty awkward because gone of us spoke so I did yes I had a cocky head on me, but I had every fucking right to!

Convo with me & Y/N-

Me- " What you doing here? You meant to be on that date." I said it in a bitchy voice.

Mads-" my que to leave hahaa"

You- " I'm here for you silly. Yes my date is standing infront of me" you say blushing

Me-" um.. W-what?.."

You-" Demi would you want to come on this date with me?"

Me-" I don't know what to say..."

You-" a yes or no would be nice.." You stare at the floor.

I remember just walking over to Y/N, because she was just staring at the floor. So I lifted her beautiful face up so we was both looking into each other eyes, I wraps my arms around her body. Once I did that I felt Y/N melt under my touch! I have to say from then I still knew she had some sort of feeling for me because if not why would I feel her melt under my touch? So after standing with her like this what felt forever I brought my lips against her ear
And said the answer she been waiting for.

Me- " the answer is yes. Let's go ba... Um Y/N"

I told Y/N I'm just going to say goodbye to the family, so she just went waiting outside. I quickly give my hugs and kisses, then legged it upstairs to my room grabbing my pjs, underwear, ect ect. Then come back down to everyone.. I told mads I owe her one for this set up. I really did. With that I was out the front door.

Y/N walked me to the other of the car, she was so caring and loving in that way. She was a true gentle-girl haha! As I set my stuff down in the back seat and turn around I just see Y/N fall to the floor I didn't have a clue what to do I sat in shock.

Right imma skip a bit of this POV cus be here all day rewriting it all! Ugh.

-At the beach -

Me-" sorry baby but you look to funny hoping about" she says laughing even harder.

Y/N-" it's not funny I just wanna walk for fuck sake! Sorry about the swearing but I'm pretty annoyed" you say with tears in your eyes.

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