Picture it !

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People fall in love in mysterious ways.


Y/n pov

"This place is dead." I looked over a building half burnt down that my best friend pointed out. The screams of the children, woman and men filling my mind. I shook my head looking ahead. "This building." I pointed and we headed in checking if it was clear then settled. "I can't wait to go home to my queen and my little princess." Jax, my best friend said smiling at a picture of his wife and kids. Jax and I grew up together. "Soon Jax soon." I looked over my shoulder then walked to a wall that had a poster that looked like a women. "Have you gotten yourself someone yet ?" Private asked and I sighed. "We talked about this guys." I said and Jax laughed. "She'll be lucky to have you." Jax said and I smiled at his words while holding up the torn poster. The lady was absolutely beautiful. Her eye had a sparkle in it maybe it was the camera light but wow. The other half was torn away yet she was still breathtaking. "Hey why does she seem familiar ?" Ian asked. I shrugged walking into another room then back out something reflected into my eye. I bent down and when I picked it up it was a photo.

"Cover !" Hammer yelled.

"Lieutenant !" Private and Jax looked at me.

"Get in ! " Ian yelled.

While everyone was yelling all at once I was trying to get up. "Come on Y/n ge- !" Jax was cut short and that's the last thing I remember.

*On ThE wAy HoMe*

"She saved your life." Jax pointed at the picture in my hand. "How do I find her ?" I asked and he smiled. "Why ?" He chuckled. "To say thank you." I said and he shook his head. "You're lame because I know there's more to her than thank you." Jax said and I looked at him confused. "What ?" I frowned and he shook his head. "Wait where's Private ?" I asked looking around in the plane and they all looked down. I tried sitting up but felt a pain in my arm. "Fuck." I looked at my arm and saw it was patched. "Where's Private ?" I asked sitting up despite the pain. "He didn't make it, Lieutenant." Hammer said and I looked down. "Did you take him out of the field ?" I asked. "Yes Lieutenant." Ian nodded. "Take this off of me." I said pointing at the drip. "You need it." Jax said and I looked at him then Ian who knew about medical treatment more than most of us. "It's an order." I said and he looked at Jax. He took out my drip and I got up Jax helping me walk. "Here let's make a makeshift sling." Hammer said and I looked at him. "You're a smart bastard." I said as he helped me. "Fuck man that hurts." I shoved him as he wrapped my arm too tight. "Sorry." He loosened it a bit. "Here sit." Jax said sitting next to me. "Here." He said handing me Private's dog tags.


"Welcome back Lieutenant." I saluted my captain along with my remaining team after the year. "Daddy !" I heard a familiar voice and I looked over to my left and saw Jax running to his family. Hammer's sister jumped on him hugging him tightly. Ian's girlfriend jumped on him wrapping herself about him. Tears were being shed from the men too. I smiled at everyone then picked up my bags. I saw Lola, Private's wife, still smiling hopefully at the plane. I felt a tear slipping from my eye. I walked to her taking off my sunglasses hooking them in my shirt and when she saw me she smiled.

"Lieutenant Y/l/n." She started to lose her smile. I was towering over her with my large figure. Her and Private are like midgets. I took off my patrol cap. "I'm so sorry miss- no please." She started crying grabbing a hold of my shirt. I wrapped my one arm around her. I reached into my pocket then took his tags into my hand. I read it for a last time. "Lola." I called her. She looked at me with red eyes. I looked down unable to face her. She then looked behind me. "We're so sorry." I heard Jax, he then hugged her. "He wanted me to tell you." We couldn't hear what Hammer said cause they were hugging. Ian wasn't a man for words when it came to this. He hugged Lola for a while and then stood next to Hammer. "Here you go." I handed her his tags. She looked at me and I took her hand slowly placing it in hers then closed her fist. She cried thanking us then walked away. "Go home men. Be with your families." I said and they hugged me. I just stood there patting their backs then quickly grabbed my bags and rushed to the cars. "I'll drive." I looked at Lola. "You're not in the right state." I said and she nodded following me to my car. A white range rover with a red interior design. It was silent all the way to her mothers house. I decided to take her there. "Want me to come in or - please." She said and I nodded opening her door. Leading her inside.

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