Chapter 15

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He stopped the car and got out.
We are already home!!!
I too got out and took a deep breath. I have to thank him, maybe he will frown or say something annoying but he did take me there so I have to say my thanks.
"Umm...Jayden!" I called out to him as he was about to enter the house.
He stopped and turned to look at me.
"I wanted to say something...umm...thank you. Thank you so much. I was really happy to meet everyone." I said and smiled brightly.
He looked surprised and turned away.
"Ok. It's really late so let's go to sleep." He said and walked inside.
Wow!!! Is that how you reply to a thank you?!! Forget it! I don't want to spoil my good mood so I will let it pass.
I walked inside the house and closed the main door.
He is not here. So, he already went back to his room. Let him go, I don't want to meet him right now. I am too happy to think about anything.
It was so much fun!!! I can't even imagine how they must be blushing knowing how the other one feels. If only I could have a live broadcast of them. Let's see when I get the most awaiting news.
I hurried upstairs, smiling like an idiot.
I should check on Zack before going to sleep.
I opened the door and entered inside. I walked to his cradle and looked at sleeping Zack. He is so adorable no matter what he does.
I caressed his head and kissed his forehead. He is the best kid in the world and he deserves all the happiness. I made him worry but not anymore. I will make sure that he always smiles.
I closed the door quietly and went to my room.
I entered my room and closed the door behind me.
Sally is sleeping. I should not make any noise or she will wake up. I went to the bathroom and changed into my comfortable top and shorts. I went to sleep. It was such a big day today. So many things happened and I had so much fun. Let's hope for an amazing tomorrow.

"Zack, say bye to your daddy." I said to Zack as Jayden sat in his car.
"Bye, Daddy!!!" Zack said waving his hand.
"Bye!" Jayden said as the car took off.
"Let's play!!" I said and Zack smiled.

Jayden has been little weird when I saw him this morning. He was like avoiding me at first, not exactly avoiding but he didn't look me at me even when we were talking. For some reason, he seemed really strange. Anyways, he has always been strange since we met. But, at present he looks more comfortable with talking to me than he was before, even his expressions have softened. He doesn't frown as much as before. I mean he didn't frown today. But, I still feel that he hates me. He is really strange though. He gets angry without any reason and then talks normally. He once says that I can't go anywhere and then takes me to meet my friends. I really don't get him. But, I can say one thing, he loves his son the most. He is a great dad. His personality is weird though. I wonder how his and his wife's relationship was. I know that he loved her a lot but I am curious as to know about that love-struck Jayden. I can't even think how he...
The ringing broke my trail of thoughts. I looked at my phone.
Why is he calling me now? Shouldn't he be in class?
I picked up the call.
"Julia!!" He said as soon as I lift the phone to my ear.
"What's the matter?" I asked worriedly.
"I wanted to ask you something." He said.
"Go ahead. I am listening." I replied.
"What did you and Deven talk about yesterday?" He asked.
I started laughing.
He says that I have a curiosity problem but he too becomes a curious cat as soon as Deven is involved.
"Stop laughing and tell me!" He said whining.
"Zack! Come here!" I called out to Zack who was playing with his car. He loves his car so much and plays with it most of the time.
He ran towards me.
"Here, Charles wants to talk to you." I said and put the phone on loudspeaker.
"Julia!!!" Charles whined again.
"Charles." Zack said in his cute voice.
"Zack! How are you?" Charles asked in a sweet voice.
How he changes his tone? It's so funny!
"Fine." Zack replied.
"What were you doing?" He asked.
"Playing." Zack replied.
"What were you playing?" He asked.
"With the car." Zack replied.
"Daddy went to the office?" Charles asked.
"Yes. Daddy office." Zack replied.
"Now, give the phone to mommy." He said and Zack pushed the phone towards me.
I switched off the loudspeaker.
"Yes, Charles." I said trying not to laugh.
"Tell me!!!" He whined.
"Go to class! I will tell you about it later." I said.
"When later? I want to know that now!" He said being stubborn.
"Charles, let's talk during your lunchtime. I have to play with Zack right now." I said.
He sighed.
"Ok. But, I won't be able to concentrate in class." He said sulking.
"Stop making excuses and go to class!" I said.
"Ok." He said in a small voice.
"You know if Deven saw you right now then he won't be happy seeing you sulking like that." I said.
"I am not sulking!" He said and I giggled.
"Bye, Charles!" I said cheerfully.
"Bye." He said and hang up the call.
I laughed.
Zack looked at me confused.
I tickled him and he started laughing.

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