(Humorous Aside)

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Ever had a brain worm that wouldn't let go, even though you found it silly and annoying?

Well, I had a vision of Gerald Raeth doing a musical interlude after showing up to save the day. Inevitably, it took gratuitous inspiration from the Moana song 'You're Welcome'.

You can, in part, blame inkwellheart for this one. And no, this is not the regular update. That will come later today.

Enjoy 😉


Okay, okay, I'm sorry I keep forgetting
That doing impossible things isn't normal for most,
You're too stunned to be shocked, it's adorable
Well, I'll try to keep this from sounding like a boast!
Close your mouth, you'll let the bugs in
Yes it's Captain Raeth, so let's begin
I know it's a lot: the ship, the sword
So hang on when I say 'all aboard!'

What can I say except "you're welcome"?
For all the airships in the sky
Hey it's okay, it's okay, you're welcome
For making this here metal boat fly!

Hey, who took an airship two miles high
On his very first try? This guy!
Danced with a dragon around the Spire,
Endured rage and hellfire, who should you admire?
You're looking at him, yo!
Oh, I invented these airships, you're welcome
To reach beyond the furthest walls
Also I harnessed the Glaom, you're welcome
To fill the lift bags and ride on the breeze!

So what can I say except you're welcome?
For rescuing Amelian from a serious fix!
Don't you dare pray, just let me say, you're welcome!
For saving everyone during the Sixth!
You're welcome, you're welcome!

Well come to think of it,
Kid, honestly, I can go on and on,
About this airship you're standing upon
Hit a golem in the head lots,
That was just Mia calling her shots!
Topped those reservoirs up with my power
See if this ship can make two hundred miles an hour!
Ask the Rider what's the takeaway,
Don't mess with Gerald on a causeway!
And the tapestry of the last invasion
Will show you why I'm the City's salvation!
Look where I fly, watch our enemies die
Kiss the ladies and listen to them sigh
(Please don't stab me, Lucille)
Ha ha ha ha ha, hey!

Well anyway, let me say you're welcome
For the City that continues to glow
Hey it's okay, it's okay, you're welcome
The war is still going on you know
So someday you'll get to say you're welcome
When I take my crew and a boat
I'll sail away, away, you're welcome
Because I really need my ship to float
You're welcome, you're welcome

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