The Song

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The next morning I woke up slightly happier that my first day was over with but quickly remembered that I had to face the beasts otherwise known as Holly, Megan and Nicole. At least I have Harry back and Andy too.

I dragged myself out of bed and quickly got dressed into a casual floral dress, a light wash cropped denim jacket and a pair of brown brogues. As you've probable noticed I don't exactly stick to one fashion style. I then once again plaited my hair to the side and put minimal make up on my face.

"Morning Livvy." My dad greeted me as I walked into the kitchen to get some breakfast. While I waited for my toast to jump out of the toaster, I decided to check my phone but as always I expected nothing.

For once there was actually a text. I smiled when I saw who it was from. And also what he set his name as.

Harry The Sexiest Guy Alive Who Liv Loves:

Good morning beautiful ;) x

I giggled like a child at the text Harry sent me but realised my dad was staring at me like I was insane.

"Are you alright?" my dad asked looking both humorous and worried at the same time.

"What, yeah I'm great actually." I replied still staring at my phone and grinning like an idiot.

My toast then popped out of the toaster, literally giving me a heart attack when I realised I was going to miss my bus. I grabbed the toast, put a spoon of nutella in my mouth and ran out the door after telling my dad goodbye.

There at the bus stop was Andy who I was more than glad to see.

"Hey, are you ok?" she asked obviously referring to yesterday.

"Yeah I'm fine, actually me and Harry made up." I told her again smiling like a fool. I then remembered I hadn't replied to Harry yet.

"Wait a second, what happened last night?" Andy asked wiggling her eyebrows at me.

I spoke as I replied to him rather quickly.

To Harry The Sexiest Guy Alive Who Liv Loves:

Morning Haz ;) How's your morning going? x

I sent the text and continued talking with Andy until the bus arrived. We both sat beside each-other and chatted away which included me telling her about my night with Harry. I'm still not sure what it was. It wasn't a date right?

As I was talking I was also texting Harry, and you'd really swear I was a thirteen year old girl squealing over her idol.

When the bus arrived at school I decided I wasn't going to give the blondes the satisfaction of looking hurt or embarrassed. Instead I was going to hold my head high and enjoy my day at school.

My first class was Music which Harry was in so I was really excited. I grabbed my books from my locker and ran to room 48. I made it just in time for class to begin and found that Harry had saved a place beside him.

"Liv, over here!" Harry grinned as he saw me enter the room and I quickly made my way over to the chair beside him. How cute is is that? He made sure there was an empty seat beside him for me. I couldn't help but wonder though, is all this because he feels sorry for me? That he has to make it up to me for yesterday somehow?

I blocked the thoughts out of my head and turned my attention to the teacher at the front of the room.

"Good Morning class, today I have seen we have a new student, Olivia! Please welcome her!" I heard sniggers from Holly and her gang who were unfortunately in my class. I secretly hoped she had the voice of a crow. I don't exactly have the best voice but I begged I was better than her. "My name is Mr.Whitmore and I will be your music teacher for the year." I smiled and waited for him to tell us what we were going to be doing today.

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