Part Three

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"Holy fuck."

It was Cassidy who spoke up first, making Caleb look in her direction, only to find her staring at him, with a look somewhere caught between shock and disbelief.

She wrinkled her nose, her eyes going back to Wyatt. "Yeah, no. I'm not doing this." She declared, grabbing Dana's (who looked utterly confused as to what was happening) arm. "We're going to two..." She gestured between Wyatt and Caleb. "Talk. Or whatever it is you need to do."

She didn't wait for a response before she started walking away, dragging a very perplexed Dana along with her.

Caleb gaped after their retreating figures.

"That was..." weird. The rest of the sentence didn't make it past his throat as he turned to look as Wyatt.

Wyatt who was looking right at him, his eyes still widened with shock.

Caleb's jaw clicked shut audibly.

Silence thickened the air between them, and Caleb had to break it before it broke him.

"Uh...So..." Caleb couldn't actually think of anything to say, but apparently those two syllables were all it took.

Wyatt's face broke into a grin.

A devastatingly attractive grin.

And oh.

All the breath left Caleb's lungs.


Caleb didn't know what to do with the sudden rush of warmth and panic that flooded him.

"So it's nice to meet you...officially." Wyatt said.

Caleb felt his cheeks heating up under the attention he was receiving, but his lips still wobbled into a smile. "Uh- I- Same." He stuttered out.

"You're taller than I thought you'd be." Wyatt continued, his lips pulling into a teasing grin – and Caleb had no idea what to do with that information.

He thought about him?

"I get it from my dad." Caleb said, because he didn't know what else there was to say, and his heart thudded painfully.

He wasn't going to be interesting enough. This would be about the time that Wyatt would realise it.

He shouldn't have said anything. Every-

He didn't realise how long he'd been staring at the ground between their feet until his phone buzzed loudly in his hand, making him jump slightly. He frowned in confusion looking up to see Wyatt smiling softly at him, and holding on to his own phone. He looked at Caleb expectantly, until Caleb looked at his own phone.

One new message from 'R'.

[ :) ]

It was just a smiley face emoji but Caleb felt half his anxiety fade away. A laugh bubbled from his chest and past his lips.

Because this was 'R'.

'R' who called him friend and sent him emojis.

'R' who demanded pictures of his cat.

'R' who sent him ridiculous messages at two AM about Disney movies.

Caleb's lips were stretched into a smile, and 'R' – Wyatt – was smiling back at him.

And then Wyatt was speaking again. "This is so..." He trailed off. "Can I?" He reached out, not really finishing either sentence. Before Caleb could answer or even ask what Wyatt was asking permission for, Wyatt's index finger was digging in to his cheek.

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