Part Two

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[c .j.]

[c .j.]

[it's 3am]

[cj! Buddy! Yo hea!]

[oh my god are you drunk?]




[my mother always warned me this would happen one day]

[you shod havvee come to thisn parey]

[are you hera?]

[im asleep]

[also I don't want alcohol]


[nope, not doing this]

[honey bunch?]

[how is that the only thing you've managed to type correctly so far?]

[I tried really hard]

[im flattered]

[im drunk]

[im shocked]

[youre funny]

No one had ever called Caleb funny before.

[you shold call me food again]




[not doing that]




[go to sleep dickface]

[yu so sweet]

[if I say it will you stop messaging me]

[...I gus]

[goodnight jelly bean]



[im so sorry]

[I hope the hangover is horrible]

[it really is]


[...but jelly bean?]

[I am THIS close to blocking your number]



[the first harry potter movie is on telly]

[the first harry potter movie is ALWAYS on telly]

[you should watch it with me]

[...which bit are you at?]

[im a wot?]

[yeah okay]

[whoop whoop]


[whats the biggest secret you've never told anyone?]

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