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( chapter twenty three: a part of that army )


everyone watched as tears ran down both mike and eleven's face, as they were finally reunited. macy couldn't help but smile at the scene in front of her.

"i never gave up on you," mike cries with a smile on his face, "i called you every night. every night for-"

"353 days," eleven nods while mike looks at her in shock, "i heard."

macy looks at the two with a smile on her face. mike questions, "why didn't you tell me you were there? that you were okay?"

"because i wouldn't let her," hopper interrupts the two teenagers with a face of disappointment, "the hell is this? where you been?"

eleven looks up at hopper with a scared look, as if she had done something wrong and she was about to get scolded for it.

"where have you been?" eleven asks, but hopper pulls her closer to his body to give her a hug. all of his worry about her had vanished and he was relieved she was okay and with him again.

macy looks at hopper with a raised eyebrow, "have you been keeping her with you this whole time?"

"you've been hiding her," mike states. macy and the others could all tell his mood had completely changed since eleven had made her appearance, "you've been hiding her this whole time!"

mike exclaimed, shoving hopper with full force. hopper turns around, "hey! let's talk," hopper grabs mike by the collar, "alone."

hopper drags mike into a random room in the byers residence and the group got all quiet.

momentarily, they could hear mike's tears since they had thin walls. after about ten minutes, mike and hopper exit the room and mike seems more calm then he was.

"is this.." macy steps forward, "eleven?"

mike nods, looking back at eleven who was glaring at macy. macy smiled her negative vibes off and reaches her hand out for her to grab, "hi i'm macy. mike missed you so much."

eleven looks at macy, unsure of if she should trust her. macy smiled softly, waiting for her to shake her hand.

"it's okay el, you can trust her," mike looks at macy, "i trust her."

macy smiles with her hand still out. el hesitates to shake her hand, but does so anyways for mike's sake. it was the other way around for max though. el sent a glare in her direction, clearly not wanting anything to do with her.

macy scratches the back of her neck, "eleven this is my step-sister, max. you can trust her as well," she reassured to the girl. el nods, loosening up a bit to the new faces. eleven walks over to lucas and dustin, pulling them both into a hug. she held them, many thoughts running through her head.

"we missed you," lucas states.

"i missed you, too," eleven sighs. the trio pulls away from each other.

"we talked about you pretty much everyday," dustin smiled brightly, eleven looking at him in confusion. she grabs his mouth and pokes her hand into his mouth. he flinches and looks at her weirdly.

"teeth," eleven says.


"you have teeth," eleven says. dustin smiles and nods. after eleven greets everyone else, she saves will for last. "can i see him?" she asks joyce, referring to will.

macy follows behind joyce and eleven as they go to see will in his room. "he's not doing well," joyce informs eleven, macy looking down at will on the other side of his bed.

eleven took a deep breath, "i know, i saw."

macy examines will. she notices the bags that have formed below his eyes, his skin became more pale than it was before. a small smile grows on her face as eleven and joyce continued to talk. after a few minutes, joyce leaves the two girls alone to sit with will.

eleven, however, notices the way macy looks down at will. she could tell she's been worried sick about him, going through an anxiety attack throughout this new adventure she's been through. it was definitely hard to go through something she had never experienced before she met these strange kids.

"you like him," eleven looks at macy, "don't you?"

macy looks up at eleven, "w-what?" she stutters.

"will," eleven, "you like will."

"um," macy looks at will with a smile, "n-no. we're just friends,"

"that's what i said about mike before. now look what's happened," eleven spoke in a quiet voice, trying to maintain eye contact with macy. macy had gotten uncomfortable talking about will like that to someone she just met, avoiding her eye contact, "don't worry. i won't tell anyone."

macy awkwardly smiles at eleven and nods, "how do you know?"

"the way you look at him," eleven looks at will once again, "it's the same way mike looks at me."

macy shakes her head, "i doubt he would even like me back anyways so it's whatever, i guess."

eleven stares at macy as tears started to form in her eyes, one tear falling down her cheek right when she blinks. macy stands up, wiping her cheek of the tear and sniffles, "we better get back with the group."

macy walks out of the room, closing the door behind her. eleven looks back at the door when she leaves, and can't help but make her worry even more about the boy she liked.


"you opened this gate before, right?" joyce asks eleven. the two were looking at the morse code message that will had left for them, which read 'close gate'.

eleven nods, "yes."

the whole group walks to where joyce and eleven was, overhearing their conversation. joyce points to the piece of paper, "do you think if we got you back there, that you could close it?"

macy's eyes light up with hope. she knew they were close to defeating this monster once and for all. she knew they were closer to saving will from this monster's grasp and getting to talking to him again. the front door opened and hopper was back from the lab.

"it's not like it was before," hopper sighs, "it's grown a lot. and that's considering we can get in there. the place is crawling with dogs."

"demo-dogs," dustin interrupted.

"i'm sorry what?"

"i said, uh, demo-dogs. like demogorgon and dogs. like you put them together it sounds pretty badass—"

"how is this important right now?" hopper stops him from continuing.

"it's not, i'm sorry," dustin says and quickly turns his back to hopper.

"i can do it." eleven says, macy's head turning towards her quickly.

hopper shakes his head as he stood next to mike, "you're not hearing me."

"i'm hearing you. i can do it," eleven states with confidence, her facial expression blank as everyone looked at her.

hopper stares at eleven after she answers him, a mixture of annoyed and disappointment in his eyes. mike starts, "even if el can, there's still another problem. if the brain dies, the body dies."

"i thought that was the whole point," max replied. everyone's attention turned towards the young boy, eyes either furrowed or worry was visible across their face.

"it is, but if we're really right about this— i mean, if el closes the gate and kills the mind flayer's army—"

realization hit macy like a truck, "will's a part of that army."

"closing the gate will kill him."

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