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Pen Your Pride

Here's the first chapter of this story , I hope you enjoy. (listen to the song next to the chapter - below.) Please comment to let me know what you think , and vote if you liked it! x Warning : a bit of cursing so yeah, sorry:)

ps: credit to gaybeanies on tumblr for the original version of the picture of the cover , i used her montage to make my cover and well i don't know , part of the credit to her xx 

Louis was absent-mindly stabbing the potatoes and chicken on his plate , sighing repeatdly as he tried not to fall asleep of boredom during his own birthday dinner. He was twenty-one years old now , and he pictured how other twenty-one years olds would celebrate their majority. Certainly going clubbing, getting wasted as hell and ending up the next day in a trashcan or at a stranger's house insanely hungover. No, Louis Tomlinson was stuck with his rich family in that luxurious house , staring at his plate while his 'parents' shared boring comments about their day at the golf. His glare moved around the table watching his mum laughing politely at a boring joke that his step-dad just told and then his step-father disgustingly stuffing in his mouth a whole fork of potatoes. Step-Father. Even that term was too affectionate to lable that man. Louis would rather call him the-man-who-has-a-stick-up-his-ass. When his mother divorced his dad after multiple arguments and that his dad disappeared right after the divorce , she got a new companion. From the first day that the son and the new step-father met , they knew that they would hate eachother. His first impression of the man was a stuck-up phonie with a judging and strict look matching a posh accent that made Louis cringe . He even found his breathing extremly annoying. But the real reason of the constant hate between eachother was the pressure that his step-dad constantly put on Louis' shoulder.
His step-father, Charles, wanted his 'son' to be a famous doctor. Louis had absolutely no interest in health. He wanted something spontaneous and fun , like being a drama teacher. He absolutely loved theatre and he figured that becoming an actor was to risky so why not a drama teacher? He always loved kids -having four younger cousins and a little sister- and the job would mix his passion for drama and kids. But, whether he liked it or not, Charles forced him into that path of life and now Louis was in Uni studying health and science. He hated those subject so much but had to come back home with straight A's or else he would get kicked out of the house. 
"You are an ungrateful bum"
He hated his step -father for making the most important choices for him and constantly making him feel like the biggest loser on earth, he hated his mother that did not stand for him in front of that man , he hated the fact that he was living in a huge house so empty and cold. He envied those little houses on the other side of the city who looked so welcoming and warm. He hated his studies, he hated his classmates, his teachers, his school, his fucking life. Louis was usually the most out-going and fun lad you'd ever meet. He was always in for a party -his friends call him The Party Animal- and he always had a young and wild soul. All of that went away with the arrival of his step-father.
He startled and jerked his head upwards.
"Your father is talking to you, listen to him. You are being very disrespectful. "
Louis winced at the term 'father' that almost made him throw up and didn't bother to answer. 
"As I was saying , while being rudely ignored by the embarrassment that you call your son , your mother and I have good news to tell you."
Louis rolled his eyes and mumbled "What." with the most bored and annoyed tone he could use.
His mother had a huge smile plastered on her face and declared. 
"Your step-father and I are getting officially married!"
Louis rolled his eyes again as he cheered sarcastically. "woo." He hid his face behind his glass , sipping bitterly gulps of water to retain himself from flipping off his step-father in front of his mother.
His step-father ignored him and added. 
"But it's not all. Jay, tell him the real good news." His eyes shone with a cruel spark.
"I'm pregnant!"
Louis choked on his water and looked at his mother in complete shock. He could not believe it.
"You had a baby with that bastard ?!"
Gasps where heard all over the room. Charles let a sarcastic laugh and Jay put a hand in front of her mouth in shock. 
"Louis Tomlinson , excuse yourself now! "
His step-father smirked.
"Let the kiddo use the big words , I couldn't be less bothered. Jay, your son will never succeed in life neither is he going anywhere. He is just an embarrasment to the family and even to his.. own father. But the two of them are idiots and losers so it isn't surprising, ain't it? " Charles knew how much Louis hated when he mentionned his biological father in front of him but the so called step-father continued to smile anyway.
Louis wished he could slap that filthy smirk away.
"Don't you fucking dare talk about my father! And mum I can't believe you are still with him! I'm done with this life, I'm done with you and you." He shouted pointing at his step-father and mother. " Go fuck yourselves!"
He sat up from the table and ran to his room. Enough was enough. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. He grabbed his luggage and threw in whatever clothing he found. He'd send himself the rest of his stuff anyway.
He climbed down the window , slowly walked around his house and ran away. 
He needed to escape, he needed to do something with his life.

A tall curly haired boy was lazily weeping a floor with a dirty mop. He sighed and blew the curls that fell on his eyes away with a quick breath of his lips. He looked around at the empty and cheap restaurant he worked at and wondered how come his life became that pathetic. He sat down to take a little break and he fell into his thoughts. He's been thinking a lot lately. 
He was happy before IT happened. The event that changed his life forever. He was seventeen years old when he was riding in a car with his parents. They were happily commenting on the restaurant where they just spent the night when suddenly they heard the rasping of car tires and then an explosion. Harry woke up the next day in a hospital bed with the terrible news that his father died and his mother was in a deep coma. In fact, His mother was still in a coma - she's been for the past two years. He often went to visit her a the hospital where they kept her still connected to a bunch of needles , she was responding and twitching in her deep sleep but she never actually woke up fully. Harry had stoped worrying and was left hoping that someday she would wake up. But he didn't want to get his hopes up, so he kept going with his weekly visits at the hospital with no expectations. His sister that wasn't in the car with them ran away with her teenage crush to America after the accident and left Harry dealing with all of it alone. He was the only one who got out with minor relapses - few broken ribs and scars. The doctors kept congrulating him, saying that it was a miracle and drooling over how lucky he was. Well, lucky wasn't exactly the word Harry Styles. He wasn't lucky nor organized. He always seemed to end up in the worst situations.After the death of his parents, his old uncle appeared from nowhere and managed to get all of his parents' money before disappearing somewhere unknown. 
Harry was left with no money, no house and no family. He traveled to London to seek a job and a cheap flat and ended up working at the restaurant where he was seating at the moment. He knew that it would eventually bankrupt at some point ; They had one customer a week. He also thought about how he was in deep shit because his little appartment was provided by the restaurant and if it closed , it would mean that he'd be left alone in the streets again. And he didn't want that.
He starlted when he heard his phone buzzing in his backpocket. He quickly grabbed it and glanced at the caller ID.
Aiden?! He remebered his old best friend that moved to Paris when he was about sixteen years old. They used to spend all their time together and had the weirdest nights out. He answered excitedly , confused about that unattended call. He didn't talk to him since two years.
"Hey mate, how's it going?" 
"Aiden, how are you! It's been a long time i've seen that ugly face of yours!"
He heard a laugh at the other side of the line. It was good to find a sort of banter back.
"I'm fine. I'd love to chat with you, but leave that for later.. guess what?"
Harry frowned slightly.
"Well you know how I still talk to friends and family and I heard of your... situation. And, I wanted to help."
"Aiden, it's okay mate i don't have any-"
"No, let me explain myself. I had a roomate but he left telling me that he had stuff to do and he wanted to enjoy life so he basically ran away to spain or some shit , so now I don't have a roomate and I'm alone in Paris. And he freed a job in the bakery nextdoor. So, I guessed I could give you the opportunity?"
He waited minutes hearing Harry's breathing grtting faster. Harry hissed.
" You would?! Oh man, that would be - oh god , you'd be AMAZING."
"No problem lad ,just bring your arse to Paris , i'll send you the info."
"Thank you so much Aiden, I can't thank you enough!" 
Harry hung off with a huge smile on his face. All he'd have to do is buy a plane ticket and go to Paris. Finally, something seemed right in his life. He will leave a dirty and cheap place , he will move in with a friend , have parties and maybe find someone he'd crush on and .... The list of possibilities was huge. Harry climbed up the stairs to his tiny flat and started to plan his new life.
Louis was searching around for the gate of his plane. He came in the airport about two hours ago and was finally ready to leave Doncaster. He was more than ready, he waited all of his damn life to leave those two annoying adults that he used to call 'parents' and his old house. He just needed something to give him the balls to actually do it and that was his mother's pregnancy. Right after the 'good news!' was told he ran to his mate's house, Stan, and shared with him his plans of getting the hell out and escaping. Stan wasn't so sure about the idea but he supported him anyway, giving him a ride to the airport. Louis told him to spread the rumor around town that He wasn't dead but that he just moved to another city. Even though his mom was dumb, he didn't want her to think that he commit suicide or some crazy shit. He shook his head to get rid of those thoughts. He was a new Louis now. New Louis didn't have a family, didn't have problems , he just had fun.
He heard the rasping of a microphone and a far voice stating : 
"Passengers to the flight 232010 ,heading to Chicago, United States of America, please take your belongings and line up for the boarding , thank you."
He grabbed his luggages with more energy than a normal person would but hell, he was incredibly excited. He bought a studio in Chicago and planed to start his studies to become a drama teacher. He moved along with the line , thinking about his new dream life. While waiting , He looked around him patiently and a tall guy with a head of curls caught his eye. The lad was running towards the gate hurridly. Louis chuckled. Poor thing. He always spotted one dumbass who couldn't manage to arrive in time for their flight. He smiled and entered the plane. 
When he got to the seat a flight hostess with a card naming her " Mrs. Beaver" pined at her uniform came up to him and said.
"Sir, I hope it won't bother that the seat next to you will be empty for the rest of the flight. The passenger cancelled his flight fifteen minutes ago."
Louis looked at her curiosly. Why would it bother him.
"Oh, it's okay. No problem, Thank you!"
The woman continued.
"Well it's just because i know how flights can be boring alone so I - If you want me to.. Well if you want but i'm not asking but..i can sit with you , not that I could...never mind. Enjoy your flight sir."
He smiled at her and nodded. Strange woman that was. Was she ..hitting on him? He laughed at himself. Yeah, he wasn't really a older woman kind of guy. Not even a woman kind of guy either...
He remembered why he was in that plane. He was taking choices for himself now.
Finally, he was doing something right.
When Harry stated that he wasn't a methodical kind of guy, he really wasn't. He had his boarding pass in a hand, his passport in the other and a big bag thrown around his shoulder. He was out of breath , he arrived an hour ago and got stuck in customs and now he was late for his plane. He ran all the way through the airport and finally spotted his gate. He was excited to go to Paris so he didn't want to miss his plane and wait 24 hours or something. He sprinted to that gate and was -of course- the last person in line. He showed his boarding pass quickly and rushed in the plane. The flight attendents didn't really bother looking at his ticket because the plane was leaving in less than 3 minutes. Harry was really late. 
He looked at his ticket and read the number of the seat. 1D. He had to find the seat 1D so he looked around and spotted the only free place in the plane, so he rushed to it and settled himself in , not really paying attention to who was seating next to him. He let a long breath out and sighed. He was finally in the plane to Paris, the plane who will lead him to a new life and possibly a more excitig new life. 
He smiled to himself and ran a hand through his messy curls. 
He heard a metalic voice speaking out. 
"Welcome ladies and gentleman, this is your captain Liam Payne who will join you in this flight heading to Chicago, USA. The flight will last 6 hours, the weather is wonderful so I think I can say that we can roll the flight machine!" 
Harry frowned with amusement.
"Um ,yeah... i'm trying to find a new catchphrase. Nevermind haha. Okay, 
I hope you'll Have a good ride , see you all in Chicago."
Harry nodded enthoustiastically.
Then he remebered the last word and froze. 
Harry looked around him panicked as the plane was lifting up for the departure. 
Fuck, he was in the wrong plane. 

PS : I know that Lou doesn't have only one sister and that his step-father isn't named Charles but I changed the name and the family for the story,Also, The chapter two is written , i'll just correct it a bit and upload it soon. Comment below what you think of this story , it means a lot!! :)

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