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Louis was absent-mindly stabbing the potatoes and chicken on his plate , sighing repeatdly as he tried not to fall asleep of boredom during his own birthday dinner. He was twenty-one years old now , and he pictured how other twenty-one years olds would celebrate their majority. Certainly going clubbing, getting wasted as hell and ending up the next day in a trashcan or at a stranger's house insanely hungover. No, Louis Tomlinson was stuck with his rich family in that luxurious house , staring at his plate while his 'parents' shared boring comments about their day at the golf. His glare moved around the table watching his mum laughing politely at a boring joke that his step-dad just told and then his step-father disgustingly stuffing in his mouth a whole fork of potatoes. Step-Father. Even that term was too affectionate to lable that man. Louis would rather call him the-man-who-has-a-stick-up-his-ass. When his mother divorced his dad after multiple arguments and that his dad disappeared right after the divorce , she got a new companion. From the first day that the son and the new step-father met , they knew that they would hate eachother. His first impression of the man was a stuck-up phonie with a judging and strict look matching a posh accent that made Louis cringe . He even found his breathing extremly annoying. But the real reason of the constant hate between eachother was the pressure that his step-dad constantly put on Louis' shoulder.

His step-father, Charles, wanted his 'son' to be a famous doctor. Louis had absolutely no interest in health. He wanted something spontaneous and fun , like being a drama teacher. He absolutely loved theatre and he figured that becoming an actor was to risky so why not a drama teacher? He always loved kids -having four younger cousins and a little sister- and the job would mix his passion for drama and kids. But, whether he liked it or not, Charles forced him into that path of life and now Louis was in Uni studying health and science. He hated those subject so much but had to come back home with straight A's or else he would get kicked out of the house. 

"You are an ungrateful bum"

He hated his step -father for making the most important choices for him and constantly making him feel like the biggest loser on earth, he hated his mother that did not stand for him in front of that man , he hated the fact that he was living in a huge house so empty and cold. He envied those little houses on the other side of the city who looked so welcoming and warm. He hated his studies, he hated his classmates, his teachers, his school, his fucking life. Louis was usually the most out-going and fun lad you'd ever meet. He was always in for a party -his friends call him The Party Animal- and he always had a young and wild soul. All of that went away with the arrival of his step-father.


He startled and jerked his head upwards.

"Your father is talking to you, listen to him. You are being very disrespectful. "

Louis winced at the term 'father' that almost made him throw up and didn't bother to answer. 

"As I was saying , while being rudely ignored by the embarrassment that you call your son , your mother and I have good news to tell you."

Louis rolled his eyes and mumbled "What." with the most bored and annoyed tone he could use.

His mother had a huge smile plastered on her face and declared.