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Pen Your Pride

I cannot see , tears have blurred my vision. ''STOP ! Your hurting him!'' I yell , but it doesn't make a difference. He grabs me by the wrist and takes the knife from my hand. ''He is an imposter Clove, what is he doing on our territory?'' I stare blankly into my fathers eyes. Cato is not an imposter , he is my friend. My father clenches the knife in his hand, then flings it across the room.  I meet Catos eyes , he looks scared , so fragile , which is unusual for him as he is normally so strong. ''No father! Don't hurt him he is my friend, he's helping me train for the Games, I want to volunteer as a tribute''. The room becomes silent. My father stares at me then Cato , he looks confused. ''You ? A tribute? You must be kidding me! Clove your far too weak , nothing compared to your brothers , how is this boy Cato supose to be helping you, and what are you doing with this knife?'' Cato pulls away from my fathers grasp then begins to back away slowly , hes scared, i know he is . ''Cato wait! Father hes teaching me to throw knifes , i'm actually quite good , i may not be as strong as my brothers but I'm quick and I've got good aim'' Cato stops and begins to smirk ''Good?'' he says ''Your amazing ! You could hit any tribute from a mile away , your aim is outstanding and your way faster than me! '' My father just stands there and laughs , he doesn't believe in me , nobody does , except for Cato . I walk to the other side of the room and pick up my knife. ''What are you doing Clove? Get back here right now !!'' It's too late. ''I am going to win those Games , for once you may be proud of me!'' i scream as I run into my bedroom. I rustle through my wardrobe , picking out clothing and some old battle equipment of my brothers. I stagger back into the living room to find Cato in the hands of my father. His face is red , he's bleeding. ''How dare you'' my father shouts ''How dare you take my daughter and train her to throw knifes? Who do you think you are'' Catos face has now begun to swell ,his left cheek is flowing with blood as it dripps slowly down his jaw. ''You stay away from Cato!'' i scream. I grab my father by the wrist, I stare directly into his bloodshot eyes and say''You can have your prize winning sons , but I can assure you, you no longer have a daughter.''  He raises his hand as if to slap me as he did Cato , but I block him and knock him to the floor . ''Not so weak now am I ?'' ''C'mon Cato , lets get out of here'' Cato wipes the tears from his face and follows me through the front door. ''I could'nt hurt your father Clove, I just couldn't'' I keep my head looking forward , I dare not stare back. I know Cato would've beaten my father easily , he is so strong, he is almost double his size , but he didn't. ''I thought you would never talk to me again if I did , so I stayed quiet. What do you plan on doing now?'' whispers Cato.  I stop. '' Cato you and I both know I never liked my father , he is an abusive drunk who is only proud of his Game winning sons''  I snatch his hands from his pockets , and fix my eyes on his. ''I want to be with you , stay with you , fight with you and most importantly, win the Games with you'' he pulls me closer and kisses my forehead ''Together?'' he whispers. I manage to cry the words from my now broken voice ''Together'' .

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