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715,179 likes 23,819 comments

tomholland2013: spoiler free zone

usera: ha, you wish

ellem: FUXKING
ellem: YOUR ARMS
ellem: aBS


userc: have you never seen her tweets? userb

userb: userc 'parrenty not

tomholland2013: you alright, love? ellem


ameliaquinn: she's currently unable to function properly because of this photo tomholland2013

elizabetholsenofficial: imsebastianstan OUR SHIP SEB
elizabetholsenofficial: chrisevans oh and you too chris, forgot about you

ellem: dONT EXPOSE ME MIA ameliaquinn
ellem: i think im good now

userc: that was a fast recovery

ellem: userc hes not THAT attractive...

madelame: not what you said in the gc ellem
madelame: 'cmon he's british'

userd: love when mia and mads expose elle

ellem: sHHHH

tomholland2013: ellem glad you appreciate the british charm

chrisevans: elizabetholsenofficial gee thanks lizzie, BUT THEYRE SO CUTE
chrisevans: tomholland2013 you better not hurt her tom

imsebastianstan: TELLE #ftw

tomholland2013: chrisevans ...dont plan on it?

ellem: tomholland2013 ...thank you?

tomholland2013: ellem ...no problem?

elizabetholsenofficial: HWLDPXLQ

renner4real: you good? elizabetholsenofficial

chrisevans: renner4real her and seb are both hardcore fangirling together

imsebastianstan: chrisevans dont pin this on me, not even with you or lizzie right now

usere: feel like chris is just hiding his fangirling

tomholland2013: why are they like this? ellem

elizabetholsenofficial: he started squealing once they started to respond to each other usere

ellem: now you see where i got my fangirling from, my parents tomholland2013

userf: im living for this comment section

chrisevans: dont expose me liz elizabetholsenofficial

ellem: chill fam
ellem: were friends
ellem: i think

tomholland2013: ;) ellem

therealalexpeters: but why her
comment deleted by tomholland2013

ooh, alex is here for some dRaMa

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