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-Chapter 16

Teachings, Unveiled Scenarios, and Unexpected Happenings Final

Third Person's Point of View:

"Lisa! Watch out!" An unfamiliar voice screamed towards Lisa's direction as Taehyung immediately acted towards the unknown person's alert.

In a split second, everything happened so fast and Lisa has been found lying on the cemented ground, blood coming out from different parts of her body.

Taehyung had put her head on top of his lap, muttering strings of apologies to the badly injured girl. He cursed himself for not being able to save her and didn't even notice the motorcycle's driver already calling out for immediate help while apologizing to the girl from time to time.

She tried to speak but her energy failed her and she fell into unconsciousness.

An ambulance has arrived and they placed her fragile body onto the stretcher. He went in the vehicle without hesitation and held her hand tightly. "Come on, Liz, stay strong you can do this!" He reassured her unconscious state. He didn't notice tears falling down from his eyes until he felt his wet collar.

They arrived at the hospital, and their contact has been cut once she went into the emergency room.

He sat on one of the hospital chairs with his back slouched and elbows placed of his lap. His large hands holding his head as he cried continously. He has been putting the blame on himself for a while now and didn't notice a hospital staff approaching him.

"Excuse me, sir. I'm sorry to break your moment, but may I please know your relationship with the patient?"

Taehyung pursed his lips not knowing how to reply.

What are they actually? Are they friends? Still enemies?

"Oh, um.. I'm just a friend of hers." He somehow felt more pain the moment he said those words... The staff raised her eyebrow at him and seemed like she wanted to ask more but decided otherwise.

Hours have passed, and Lisa's body has been transferred to another room where visitors are allowed. He went inside the room with Lisa's other friends with the proper clothing. He sobbed while looking at her scarred arms and legs.

"Lisa, wake up." He softly whispered and held her hand.

"Day dream, day dream." Her eyes opened and she started dancing.

-Chapter 16 End

HAHAHA! OFCOURSE THAT PART WAS NOT REAL. Do ya'll get it? In the end of Daydream's music video you could see J-hope waking Taehyung up. Sorry, I just wanted to put some Taelice moments hehe.

Yeah, my objective for the upper writings was to keep it realistic and unrealistic at the same time so that it would somehow look believable. I don't have much experience when it comes to writing "emergency hospital scenes" because I've never experienced seeing am example of one in real life.

Okay, anyways, let's proceed to the actual flow of the story.


Taehyung grabbed Lisa and they successfully dodged the incoming vehicle.

"Are you okay, Liz?" He asked her flabbergasted state, which still hasn't recovered from the shock. Her mouth was widely opened but no words came out.

Taehyung understood that she still hasn't got over the astonishment due to the fact that she almost got hit by the vehicle, but on Lisa's side she was more surprised on the voice that alerted her.

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