Imagine Legolas Being Shocked by Your Beauty

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You sharply took a breath through your mouth, and exhaled through your nose.

This was the sixth dress you tried and it still did NOT look right.

You frowned as you stared into the mirror, looking unsatisfied as you glanced at the elven dress you wore. It was just too tight, and it seems too...plain.

You huffed, "Eruanna!" you called for your best friend. She'd know what to do.

Your friend, Eruanna was slightly short of stature just like you were. She had the most cheerful smile and bright, welcoming eyes. Her chestnut-brown hair slightly billowed in the breeze as she faced you.

"Yes, mello-oh..."

Your friend frowned as she saw you in the dress that made you look like a stuffed turkey.

"Yeah... 'Oh' is right, Eruanna," you emitted a dry chuckle of both frustration and amusement.

"Hey...don't worry! I can help you out. I know just the thing. Anyway, you know that you're always borrowing clothes from me," Eruanna snickered.

"Am not!"

"Are too!" she called back, running away out of your room and shutting the door."

You sighed and reclined on a silky, green elvish chair. You looked in the mirror and held back tears., for the real reason why you were so worried about your appearance was because a certain elf caught your eye...

*Flashback to 3 days before*

You smiled as you breathed in while curling your fingers around the ancient pages of a book. Oh, how you just loved a good juicy book to read. The tales of ancient Middle Earth, the lands that were destroyed long ago, and the brave humans, how Mirkwood was in the past...

As always, whenever you read a book, you were enraptured in it's details, and you let nothing distract you. Until...

Your foot wedged on a cracked tile while you were walking in the Mirkwood halls.

You gasped, but suddenly, you felt something warm and strong firmly grasp around you, breaking your fall.

A sing-songy voice commented, "You should be more-." He looked up and saw your soulful e/c eyes. It was none other than Prince Legolas himself! He immediately stopped as if he was put in some sort of trance. He simply didn't want to let go of you.

"P-prince Legolas!" you gasped, then getting out of his grip you hastily bowed, "I am so, soo sorry..."

He blinked his brilliantly blue eyes a couple of times, then shook his head a few times, "No.. Don't worry! It's a pleasure bumping into a lady nearly as fair as you-ER I MEAN, it'snoproblem," Legolas gulped and broke eye contact, realizing what he said.

"Um... I beg your pardon?"

"-I never got your name, my lady!" Legolas quickly interjected, desperately trying to change the subject. His sky blue eyes bore into yours, and you felt small and helpless, for it took all of the power inside of you not to just stare a bit longer...

"Uhh... Y/N!" you nervously said.

"Y/N... Y/N..." an almost dorky smile appeared on his face as he said your name. Before you could even react, he grasped your hand and looked into your eyes. You blushed vigorously at his gentle hold. "Your name... It is more beautiful than the prettiest of the birds in the sky."

"R-really?!" you breathed, unable to say anything else, for your throat went dry.

"HEY Y/N YOU SAID YOU'D MEET ME FOR LUNCH. I'M STARVIN'" your friend, Eruanna could be heard all the way from the Misty Mountains when she called you.

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