Luke's POV

"This box is too heavy, here Lukethink fast." Calum said and dumped a big box in my arms.

"Well thanks for that mate." i said with the upmost sarcasm in my voice, almost dropping the box.

I turned around to take the box in our new house when i saw a girl walking out of the house next door. She looked around our age and she was beautiful! I dropped the box on my toe and it hurt so badly!

"OW!!!! HOLY GOD THAT HURTS!" The beautiful mystery girl ran over and said

"OH MY GOD! Are you alright that must hurt! " 

"I'm fine thanks." i said lying. My toe hurt really badly, it might be broken!

"No problem. Hi I'm Mia Evans." she said smiling and holding her hand out.

"Hi I'm Luke Hemmings." i say shaking her hand. it was so soft. Okay Luke you sound creepy. Ugh why am i talking to myself?

"Nice to meet you Luke, so i guess we're neighbors." she said.

"Yea, I guess we are." I said not knowing what else to say to this beautiful girl. Geez why am I so awkward?

"I heard you are in a band." She said. I don't think she has heard of us cause she isn't freaking out. God I sound so conceited, why would she freak out?

"Yea I am with a few of my mates. I play guitar and sing." I said.

"Very cool! Can I meet the others?" She asked.

"Of course.They may seem a bit strange at first, but they're nice lads" I said.

"Are you sure you can walk?" She asked.

"Yea I will try." I said and picked up the box again. Well now it's time for this perfect girl to meet the lads.

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