I grew up with a different creation myth from the rest of you. It went something like this.


Once, in an era unfathomable to us, a Great Being struck an Other Being, and it caused a rhythmic vibration throughout the Multiverse, known as the First Song.

And the First Song was Light.

Then the Great Being and Other Being, delighted by their creation, burst into two unimaginably hot fires called Matter and Anti-Matter; and as their flames touched, they annihilated another.

And this was the First Orchestra of the Multiverse.

We call the First Orchestra several extraordinary names: Alpha Space-time; Alpha Complexity; Energy; and God.


But I'm sure you can already see, our myths have some familiarity to them. Let me extend that familiarity—as well as our differences—just a little further.


(First draft: June '18)

(Second draft: July '18; added first-person narrative)

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