Chapter 13: Interrogation

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"Who are you?"

This was Batman's first question.

After what he saw today, what he heard today, and what he already knew so far, Bruce Wayne couldn't be sure if there really was Richard Grayson Standing in front of him.

"Who I am?", Robin asked feeling anger boiling up inside him, "You know who I am!"

"I can't be sure about this now, can I?"

Oh did he really wanted to go that way? In the best case scenario the handcuffs will prevent him from hurting Bruce badly.

"I deserve the truth", his mentor said with a glimpse of sadness.

Robin sighed letting go of his anger. Batman was right. He didn't know what he wasn't lied about by his protege.

He figured out by now that Bruce wouldn't mind anymore if the team knew his secret ID.

So he took of his domino mask revealing icy blue eyes. They weren't a bright blue anymore. Just dull and lifeless now.

"Let's start from the beginning...
My name is, like you already knew, Richard John Grayson", he said and could basically hear the gasps on the other side of the mirror.

"Well laugh about this someday", he said with a sad smile towards his reflection well knowing that Artemis is standing on the other side.

"Who is Tayir?", his mentor asked him.

Of all questions he could ask, like 'What was wrong with you?!', 'How did you know Deathstroke?!' or
even 'What the hell is going on here?!!!', he began with the simplest one

And Dick thanked Bruce mentally for this.

Truth to be told, Batman already knew it since Thalia wasn't that indirect at all. He wanted to test him. If he really started with the truth.

After a long and overdramatic pause Robin finally answered him honestly.

"I am Tayir"

Cue gasps.

"Who is this Tayir?", Batman asked him, "What's your role with Ra's?"

Robin seemed to be in deep thoughts before staring at the wall on his left side.

"Tayir is... A shadow... a shadow of my past", Robin told him mysteriously.

"You haven't answered my second question", Bruce recognized.

"Remember the day we met the first time?", Dick asked.

The dark knight slowly nodded.

"I was at the Juvenile Detention Center. All orphanages were full so they locked me up there. Three years after... my parents were murdered", again he could hear the gasps from the other side of the window.

'Seriously?! Are they going to hyperventilate or something?!', both Robin and Batman thought.

"Well... this wasn't exactly the whole story"

"Go on", Batman demanded.

"Okay how about I tell you the complete story from the beginning?"

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