No Way Out...Part 11

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*Kayla's POV*

Zak got closer to me. "Kayla, I have a plan, you hit Zak, you and I run pass Zak to come and they'll chase us so everyone can get back to nerve centre and call for help" Nick whispered into my ear. I nodded in an agreement. "3...2..." Nick whispered. I got ready to hit Zak. Zak raised the axe up. "Now Kayla!" Aaron yelled. I stamped on Zak's foot. Zak dropped the axe and held his foot. Rose pushed on to the old desk and the whole desk collapses. Nick and I stayed back. "Go!" I yelled. Everyone ran out of the room and ran down to nerve centre. Nick and I looked at each other. Nick took my hand. I got butterflies in my stomach. Wait? I got butterflies in my stomach because Nick took my hand?. Oh....

Zak got up. He saw Nick and I holding hands. He picked up the axe. The terrifying look on his face scared both Nick and I. He started growling at us. "Run!" Nick yelled. He pulled me with him to run. We ran out of the room and downstairs. Everyone was hiding in nerve centre. Zak was coming down the stairs. All in a panic, Nick opened the basement door. "Go down here!" Nick yelled. "But Nick...." I said before he cut me off. "Go!" Nick yelled. Without arguing with Nick, I did what I was told. Nick and I ran into the basement. Nick closed the door behind him and locked it. We ran down the steps to the basement and looked around. "We have to find more weapons" Nick said. We looked through old cupboards. I found 4 flashlights. "I found flash lights!" I called out to Nick. We heard Zak trying to get the door to open. "Where will I put these?" I asked. Nick found a backpack. He shook it to get all dust and any insects off it. "Here!" He said holding the bag to let me put the flashlight in. I put the backpack on my back. "Oh Nick and Kayla, you locked the door" Zak said. He was banging the door down with the axe. There was no time to search for weapons. Nick put me into the old wardrobe since I can fit into it. "Don't say anything, when he's gone, I'll come and get you" Nick said. I nodded. He closed the doors.

The small space made me feel so uncomfortable. Hearing the footsteps coming slowly down the stairs made my heart race faster and faster. I looked thought the little gap in between of the doors. Zak was looking around the basement for me and Nick. "I know your in here Kayla and Nick" Zak said as he gripped onto the axe in his hand. I had no idea where Nick was hiding. "Come out, I promise I won't hurt you, especially you Kayla" Zak said. Me?. "You remember that night when you and your sisters were little, the suffering, the pain, your grandfather James lying there, on the ground" Zak said. That's when I realised, the demon that is possessing Zak. It's Paul!. That night really changed mine, Rose, Josie and Trina's lives forever. The flashing images came back to me.

I covered my mouth with my hand and let tears fall down my cheek. "James wouldn't be too happy when he finds out that you won't promise him his wish to come true after he died" Zak said walking around the whole basement in a circle. Grandad wanted me to be a hero, or me, Rose, Josie and Trina to be heroes. How can we be a heroes when we're never going to get out of here?. Paul is dangerous. "Can you imagine, how would James feel that your running away like a coward?" Zak said. I wanted to scream at him. "I might as well go kill your sisters and friends because I know where they are hiding and I know where you are hiding. I looked up and saw Zak looking at me through the little gap in between the doors. My heart stopped.

I went wide eye. "Hello Kayla" he said smirking. He lifted the axe up. I had no room to run. Nick came out his hiding spot and tackled Zak to the ground. The axe dropped out of his hand. I jumped out of the wardrobe. Nick and Zak were rolling on the ground throwing punches at each other. "Nick!" I cried. Zak pushed Nick off him. They both got up. Zak picked Nick up and threw him against the wall. Something fell out of Zak's pocket and slide to the middle of the floor. It was a emerald. Zak turned around. We both looked at each other. I took a chance. I ran towards the emerald. So did Zak, I grabbed it before he could. Nick got up off the ground and ran towards me. Zak looked at the both us.

"Give me back that emerald" Zak snapped and holding out his hand. I hid it behind my back. "No" I said. "Give it to me now" he said snapping his fingers. "What's the magic word?" I asked. Zak rolled his eyes and pulled out a knife. I widen my eyes. "Give it to me now before I cut open your throat!" Zak yelled. Nick kicked Zak and Zak flew against the wall. "Go! Go!" Nick yelled as Zak slide down against the wall and onto the ground. We ran towards the stairs. Zak picked up the knife and threw it at Nick and I. Thankfully, Nick and I missed it.

We ran back to nerve centre. "Kayla! Nick! We found a phone!" Megan cried. It was a phone that still connected to the electricity. "Yes!" Nick cried. I took the phone and pressed the buttons to dialled Mom's number. After a few seconds she picked up. "Hello" she answered sleepily. "Mom! It's Kayla!" I cried. "And the rest of the crew!" Ashley cried. "Kayla? What's going on? What's happening?" Mom asked very concerned. "We're trapped inside the location we're investigating and Zak is possessed by Paul!" I cried. "What?!" She screamed. "Mom! You have to help us! All windows and doors are locked and we can't get them opened to get out, we're at our old house we use to live in years ago!" I said with a shaky voice. "Don't panic, Ian and I will be done as so...". Mom was cut off. The phone went dead. "Mom! Mom!" I shouted. I put the phone down. "The phone is dead!" I cried.

The lights started flickering. "I don't like this" Kennedi said. "Neither do I" Josie said. I pulled out the emerald. "This is what dropped out of Zak's pocket" I said. All in a flash, everything started going in circles in my mind. I wasn't myself. What is happening?.

*Rose's POV*

After Kayla pulled out the emerald and told us that it dropped out of Zak's pocket, she went silent straight away. Her eyes started glowing white. "Kayla, what's wrong?" I asked. She didn't answer. She started walking out of nerve centre. "Kayla" Trina said. "What's wrong with her?" Ashley asked. "Let's follow her, she might be leading to somewhere" Billy said. Kayla started walking up the starts. We didn't know where Zak was but he can pop out of anywhere at anytime. Kayla walked towards the door that was down the hall.

"Kayla is not possessed, is she?" Kennedi asked. "It's the emerald that she's holding" Billy said. She opened the door that she was standing at. She shook her head, snapping back to normal. She looked down at us. " did I get up here when I was downstairs?" Kayla asked. "Look at the emerald" Megan said. Kayla held up the emerald and it was glowing green. Kayla stared at it. The beam of light shined across Kayla's eyes. She gasped and looked at us. "What is it?" Ashley asked. "There's more spirits in here" Kayla said. I walked up to her. She gripped onto the emerald.

"How many?" Ashley asked. "More then two" Kayla said. "Did you see who they were?" Josie asked. "I can remember seeing little children, like little school children and one spirit that we know and really miss" Kayla said. "Who was the spirit?" Jay asked. Kayla looked at Trina, Josie and I. "It's grandad" Kayla said letting a tear roll down her face. I was shaking and my started to race. That's when we knew, Our guardian Angel is here, it's our Grandad James.....

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