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Alec POV

"Hello Edward, it's nice to see you again," I smirked at Edward's face.

"Who is at the door Edward?" I heard Carlisle ask.

"It's the Vultori." Edward said. I heard footsteps coming this way, it's was Carlisle.

"Hello Alec, Demetri and Felix. What bring the Vultori to my home again?" Carlisle asked, stepping to the side and motioning us in the house.

"We would like to speak with one of your 'family' members." Felix replied.

Carlisle led us through the house and to the living room, where the rest of his coven were.

"What are they doing here again?" Emmett asked madly.

"We've come to talk to Edward Anthony Mason Cullen." Felix said, looking Emmett directly in the eyes.

"It is terribly urgent." Demetri added for affect,"I think it's best if we go somewhere else to talk."

"Fine," Edward snapped, "follow me." We followed him out of the house and deep into the woods, we stopped at a big clearing with a meadow in it.

'Hmm,"I thought, 'this meadow seems familiar..... oh right I've been here before. Silly me.'

"What do you want?" He snapped again.

"Felix. Demetri." I said, snapping out of my little daydream, "you know what to do."

They both listened to my command and jumped on the Cullen quicker before he could realise what was happening. They grab hold of his arms, and make him kneel in front of me.

"You will not ever have Bella back." I sneered.

"Yes I will! She is my love!" He exclaimed, trying to fight off Felix and Demetri. They held his arms tighter, I can almost her them cracking.

"NO! SHE IS MY MATE! MY BLOODSINGER!!" I roared, charging him.

I wrapped my hands around his neck squeezing it. He began to struggle in fear. I smirked at his misery. I heard to neck beginning to crack like glass. I squeezed the neck harder and harder.

Shards of his neck fell softly to the ground. His face began to crack. His eyes bulging in anguish. With one swift movement Felix and Demetri tore off his arms.

I leaned close to his ear, whispering, "Bella is mine. Now and forever."

And with a quick snap, his head came clean off. His face eternalised in fear. I smiled wickedly at my work.

"You two, set him on fire, we wouldn't want any one seeing a body lying around," I said as I tossed his head up and down like a ball.

Demetri began gathering sticks, while Felix threw the body and arms in a pile. Once that was set, Demetri set the sticks and body on fire.

What a Glorious sight.

"Come, let's head back to the house. And let's give them a present." I said, the wicked smile appeared once again on my face.

We raced back to the Cullen residence and noticed all the Cullen's were outside, awaiting our arrival. The mother of the coven- Esme, gasped out in disbelief and anguish at the sight of her "son's" head in my hand.

Alice was petrified in fear, even Jasper couldn't control his own emotions at what he is witnessing. Emmett's face filled with rage, he took a step forward, but Rosalie held him back.

"This is what happens when you defy The Vultori." I said, throwing the head at them and walked away. Felix and Demetri followed.

We went back to the airport and got on our private plane back to Italy.

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