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seokjin would always put his thumb into namjoon's back dimples when he fucked him from behind

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seokjin would always put his thumb into namjoon's back dimples when he fucked him from behind.

he'd compliment on how deep they were and blended in so nicely with the soft toned muscles on his back. namjoon would whine and try and hide himself into which ever sweater or shirt that he would be wearing that belonged to seokjin.

he claimed that they always smelled of seokjin's cologne, no matter how many times they washed it. he said it made him feel safe and secured, but also aroused him if he was ever in the mood.

sometimes, seokjin would pull out of him and watch his pre-come drip into the deep dimples and then fuck into him harder and spread the clear substance around namjoon's lower back.

sometimes he would thrust back into him right away, instead he'd watch namjoon shake his hips and beg for him to fill him up again. seokjin was weak to his begging so it never lasted too long.

the older would sometimes suddenly stop his movements to watch namjoon move his hips back against him and seokjin would watch the dimples disappear when he arched his back.

once he suggested namjoon get stud piercings in the deep dimples but the younger quickly denied and almost deprived seokjin of sex for a week. the older explained he only thought about because he loved his dimples and thought they would look even prettier.

when seokjin ate the other out, he would stop and stick his tongue into the dimples and watch namjoon squirm to try and get his tongue back into him, but even he couldn't deny the broken sounds he let out when his hyung licked them.

he would come the hardest, though, when seokjin bit around them roughly while fucking him and ever since it happened for the first time, he asked for it whenever they used that position again.


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