Just Sleep- Minilan

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Sorry that I've been away for so long, I've had a shit ton of school work to do but it's the holidays now so hopefully I'll be able to get some more chapters up. If you want to request anything, feel free otherwise you'll be getting a shit ton of Minilan.

(P. S. This has no plot at all)

Simon's P.O.V.

"Simon! Come on, are you coming or not!?" I sighed, pulling myself up from my computer chair and grabbing my hoodie from over the back of it. For once in my life I didn't want to go and film videos with the others, especially not with the boy who was sprawled out on my bed, fast asleep.

I pulled my hoodie over my head and say down carefully on my bed, running one of my hands through his blonde hair as he stirred. His eyes looked sleepily up at me, heavy with tiredness and rimmed red from his constant rubbing.

"You feeling okay? I'm about to leave but I don't want to go." He mumbled something into the pillow, reaching out his hand so I could take it.

"Feel like crap." I smiled, nudging him a little as he tried to crawl onto me, whining. "Where're you going?"

I frowned. I had told him not an hour earlier when he was starting to fall asleep on my bed and I was a little worried that he hadn't remembered but I supposed it was because he was sick and also because he was falling asleep.

"I'm going out to film a football video with the others, I'll be a few hours okay." As much as I didn't want to leave him I knew I had too as I couldn't make up an excuse without outing the two of us as a couple. They knew Lachlan was sick, which was why he wasn't coming with us, but they though he was in his room, sleeping probably.

He whined again, looking up at me with puppy eyes. He held one hand out to me again and I took it, pressing a kiss to the back to his hand.

"Just sleep okay Lachy, I'll be back in a couple of hours." He nodded, frowning. I knew he didn't want me to go but I didn't have any choice. A yell echoed up the stairs.

"SIMON!" With one last glance backwards at Lachlan, his eyes now half closed, I slipped out of the door.


The video took longer than I thought it would, almost 5 hours later was when I finally returned home with mud and sweat stained skin, stinking of grass and completely exhausted.

I had tried to call Lachlan once during the making of the video, about half way through when we were taking a break, but he didn't pick up so I simply assumed that he was asleep. I sent a text instead, telling him to call me when he woke up. He hadn't called.

The other boys had managed to bags the showers first, little Vikk somehow managing to push his way through to the front of the line and get in first. With only three bathrooms in the house, JJ, Josh and Vikk had gotten there first, which left me time to go and check on Lachlan.

Creeping up the stairs on light feet I cracked the door open to my room and slid inside, waiting a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the dim light. The curtains were still drawn, in the same position that I had left them in, probably meaning that Lachlan had fallen asleep but as my eyes started to adjust I could tell that something was off.

Slipping closer to the bed, my eyebrows furrowed, I noticed that it was empty. The covers were pulled back in a messy fashion and there was a blanket strewn on the floor but not Lachlan. I frowned.

"Lachy? Where are you?" I called out in a low voice, still frowning and now slightly concerned. There was no reply.

I turned in a circle, he didn't appear to be anywhere in the room at all. I quickly checked the bathroom but that was empty too, no trace of him even being in there at all. I didn't think he would be anywhere downstairs unless he went to go and get something to eat but I had left him some plan pasta and a bottle of water on the table, both of which remained untouched.

I instead headed down the hall to 'his' room, where he hadn't slept once since he'd arrived. We both felt safe enough sleeping in my room and I knew that it was unlikely that we'd be caught by the other boys so I didn't see why he would be in his room but I checked anyway.


I headed back to my room to see if there was something I had missed and on the floor I found his phone, ripped from its charger with two notifications from me on his screen, a missed call and a text. Why it was in the middle of the floor I didn't know.

I called out louder.

"Lachy? Where are you baby?" I paused, listening for any reply, even a miniscule one. I though I heard something, so I tried again. "Lachy, if you're there I can't hear you, you gotta be louder."

This time I definitely heard him. A tiny whimper, coming from somewhere around my desk. My head whipped around and my eyes fixed on the corner that the noise had come from, where I could just make out a blanket lump that moving up and down minutely underneath my desk.

I dropped to my knees and crawled underneath the wooden tabletop, reaching my hand out to the blanket lump.

"Lachy, it's Simon okay, are you okay?" He shifted closer, wiggling a little and ever so slowly wormed his way into my lap, his head resting on my chest.

"Hey baby." I murmured, pressing a kiss to where I knew his head would be underneath the blankets. I knew he wasn't going to talk but I was okay with that. There were occasion when he would go non-verbal for a bit, not wanting to talking, and it could last anywhere from minutes to hours.

All of a sudden he tensed up and then rolled off my chest, crashing into his previous position. I frowned, but then his light voice spoke up.

"You smell." His voice cracked half way through the sentence and I knew he hadn't been drinking any water as I had instructed him to do earlier. I laughed, knowing he was telling the truth.

"Oh well. Why're you under the desk? It doesn't look very comfortable." He mumbled into the blanket again.

"Didn't feel well."

"Oh baby, you could have called you know, I would have come home and helped out." He shook his head.

"I didn't wanna move. Hurt." I knew he was talking about a headache and it probably would have hurt his head to use his phone.

I moved a little closer and tucked his head into my chest, his blanket still pulled over his head. I dug one of my hands under the blanket and started playing with his hair, smiling to myself when he completely relaxed into me and curling one hand into a fist.

I figured I wasn't going anywhere for a little while and just laid my head back.

"Just sleep okay, you'll feel better when you wake up." He hummed.

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