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PHONE CALL - [Chace - Sebastian]

italic - Chace

bro, where are you?



Are you home?
I mean, in New York?

Yeah, just arrived!
Atlanta was a hot mess
and I need a drink

Well, me too...
I'll meet you in a second

Alright, man! I'm waiting.



6:30 am

"You haven't slept, have you?" Emma puts her bag down and runs to hug Leslie. It's the first time they've seen each other since Leslie moved to New York. It's been a damn while. "Oh, Les."

"Chace is so freaked out, Ems. We're both a mess." She runs her hand on her nose.

"Where is he?" Emma takes her first look at the apartment.

"He left." She says.

"What?!" Emma gasps, not believing that in a time like this Chace would literally leave her.

"I don't blame him. We are both in shock and that was his way of dealing with it," she sits down. "Plus, I was crying non-stop and it was not helping."

Emma sits next to her and rubs her back. "How many tests did you take?"

"Five," Leslie closes her eyes and sighs. "All positive."

"Les..." Emma starts but Leslie cuts her off.

"We were so careful, Emma. So careful. Chace and I have only been dating for what... three months? I love him, I really do, but what now?! What if he turns into someone else, I-?" Les speaks without even breathing properly.

"Les, listen..." Ems steps in and Leslie pauses. "You used protection, you were both careful, am I right?"

"Yeah," Leslie responds, listening carefully. "So freaking careful."

"Then maybe this was meant to be," Emma smiles and after a moment Leslie starts to gather all this information. "Right?" Ems drags her hands to Leslie's stomach and rubs it gently.

"Don't get me wrong," Leslie says. "I'm crying because I'm scared but... I still want this though."

"Good," Emma chuckles. "Because I want to be an auntie again." They both laugh. "Now you and I are going to take a nap because I took a long ass flight."


9:12 am

"C'mon, Chace," Sebastian tells, feeling impatient. "We have been sitting on the sidewalk for two hours."

"What if I fail to be a father, what-"

"Don't think about the if's," Seb takes his hands to Chace's shoulders. "Think about how scared and alone Leslie is feeling right now."

"I was so dumb for walking out," Chace repeats over and over.

"Go up there," Sebastian insists. "I'll go with you."

They start pacing to the building and once they walk in, Chace presses the elevator button. He needs to face this situation.

Once the elevator stops, he takes the keys out of his pocket and opens the door. "Baby," he calls out. "Leslie, I'm so sorry-" he stops talking when he finds Leslie and Emma cuddling each other, sleeping on the couch.

"Hm, what?" Leslie hums, gradually opening her eyes. "Oh," she says when her eyes land on the men in her living room. Slowly and carefully getting off Emma's grip, she stands up to hug Chace.

"We need to talk," Chace whispers. "I'm so sorry, Leslie. I never should've left."

Leslie presses her lips against his. "Come," she grabs his hand and they make their way to the bedroom, leaving a shocked Seb behind.

Sebastian and Emma's relationship feels more platonic than anything else. As soon as they decided to start taking things seriously, he got called in to go shoot a movie. That said, they tried to survive that one and a half month.

Tenderly, Seb starts caressing her cheeks and placing soft kisses on her forehead. "Ems," he murmurs yet loud enough for her eyes to open.

"Sebastian?!" Emma hastily sits up, hugging him tightly. "Oh my god, I've missed you."

"Me too," he responds before locking his lips with hers. "I wanted to surprise you but a pregnancy beat me to it."

"Tell me about it," Emma jokes and presses her head on his shoulder. "I want to take this seriously, Seb. Like, a real relationship... because this past month was-"

"A preparation?" He arches an eyebrow.

"I was going to say a joke but sure," she rolls her eyes playfully. "A preparation."

Sebastian laughs but hesitates to speak again. "That is going to happen often, you're aware of that right?" He looks her straight in the eye.

"I am." Emma's voice is determined and confident.

"And you're still willing to get a bit of this-" Sebastian jokingly runs his hands through his body.

"HA!" She shouts. "All of that and more."


Hey guys! I really hope you're liking this and I'm sorry that there's a lot of 'real life' parts but I feel like that's a way of developing not only the characters' personalities but the story itself! Thank you so much for reading ❤️

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