Chapter One

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"Hey, let me in!" I called into Sam's room. I saw her sigh, then get up to open the widow.

"Why didn't you go through the front door?" she asked, grabbing my bag

"Your mom doesn't like me." I shrugged

"Maybe if you didn't eat all of our food, then she would like you a bit more." Sam rolled her eyes

"You got plenty to go around. And whatever happened to a charity case?" I smirked, "Where's Jamie?"

"She's downstairs getting snacks."

"Hey, do you still wear this?" I asked, picking up a shirt from a drawer

"No, you can have it." she waved her hand at me. I shoved it in my bag and pulled out the whiteboard I found at a thrift shop, along with a marker

"What's that?" Jamie asked, walking into the room

"I have a bit of a contest for us, and this little whiteboard is going to come in handy." I smiled

"And that would be?" Sam inquired, leaning closer.

"You guys aren't going to like it, but since you've asked, I assume you're up to it?"

"Just tell us what it is." Jamie whined

"The virginity challenge. We're all little virgins, and since we're almost 17, I think it's high time we get that out of the way." I said. Jamie's face got red, and Sam seemed extremely uninterested, "You have to lose your virginity in the first week, then after that, whoever screws the most guys before Jamie's birthday, since she'll be the last one to turn seventeen, wins!"

"What do we win?" Sam asked

"I don't know yet. I haven't got that far."

"I don't know about this. I mean, I haven't even had my first kiss yet." Jamie stuttered

"This will be the perfect scheme then! You'll get to experience everything in such a short time!" I said excitedly

"There has to be rules." Sam chimed in

"That's where the whiteboard comes in. For every guy you do, you put a tally by your name." I explained, writing each of our names in columns. I wrote the word 'rules', in the right half.

"Rule number one, you can't prostitute yourself out." Sam said

"Fair enough." I nodded, then wrote it down, "You can't screw the same guy twice." I wrote

"You have to actually have sex, and not just a blow job, for it to be counted as a tally." Sam pointed out

"It has to be legal." Jamie said

"What is that even supposed to mean?" I laughed, writing it down anyways

"He can't be older than eighteen. We can't get somebody sent to jail just because of a stupid game." she explained

"This can't come between us as friends. Just because somebody else fucked your crush, doesn't make them your worst enemy. This is just a game." I said

"Agreed." Sam laughed

"When did you think of this?" Jamie asked

"On the walk over." I smiled

"So, when does it start?" One of them asked

"Right now." I giggled, grabbed a sandwich and a pop-tart from the platter that Jamie had brought up from the kitchen, and opened the window back up. "Oh yeah, one more thing." I reached into my bag and pulled out two sheets of condoms, "Make sure you use these. I don't want to be an aunt." I tossed them onto the bed, then jumped back out the window.

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