Meeting BTS

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Somi's P.O.V

Right now, you were on your way to meet your new members and the nerves were taking over your body. What would they think of you? You were walking down a long hallway in the Bighit building, with Bang Si-Hyuk with minimal information on the men you were about to meet. All you knew was their names and that they were boys. As you were walking, Bang Si-Hyuk was babbling about how you were going to live with BTS from now on, which you already knew otherwise the suitcase you were holding would be pointless. He told you that the boys had only found out you were a girl in the lsat 24 hours because of communication problems which made you more nervous. It must have been difficult to go from knowing you are a boys group to being a mixed group. And since they just found out, at least one of them would probably be irritated. You continued dragging the suitcase behind you and pillow in your hand until Bang Si-Hyuk stopped walking and started opening a door on your left. Your nerves made you automatically hide behind his large figure, earning a laugh from him. The wider the door was opened, the more voices you could hear. Once the door was fully opened, you heard a voice telling the boys to be quiet. You then heard heads turn towards the door, making you hide even more. Bang Si-Hyuk laughed again before moving to the side, causing the seven boys to look at them. You were extremely shy at that moment, having so much attention on you so you just awkwardly avoided contact, until Bang Si-Hyuk started talking.

Bang Si-Hyuk: Hello boys. This is your newest member. Why don't you introduce yourself

You looked at the boys. They were SO DAMN GOOD LOOKING!!!! (Note: Things in this story are going to be really out of order just so you know - like albums, songs, their looks and stuff). On the furthest to the right (this is the dope era), there was a boy with a huge rectangle smile who seemed really excited that you were there. To his left was a boy with light blond hair who seemed very neutral about everything, not caring too much. Then there was a boy with bright red hair. He looked like a little child with his huge eye smile. He seemed even more excited than the first boy. Next was a manly child that looked really strong but really cute. He smiled sweetly at you causing a red tint to cover your cheeks. To his left was a boy with plump lips and HUGE shoulders. You were a bit tranced by how handsome he was. The second last boy was smiling kindly. He looked really happy and energetic. The last boy looked very interested and professional. He seemed like he would be very serious but also super clumsy. He stood up and walked up to you, putting his hand out for you to shake. You put out your hand and he took it firmly in your hand while bowing slightly. Your automatic reaction was to do a 90° bow causing the red head to laugh a bit.

Somi: Hello, my name is Kim Somi and I am 19. I am a dancer and singer..... ummmm.... I don't know what else to say.....

Red head: Aishh gwi-yeo-wo (cute)

You started blushing and smiling shyly while looking down.

Clumsy: Sorry about him. My name is Kim Namjoon but you can just call me Namjoon.

Bang Si-Hyuk: Oh my gosh look at the time. Sorry kids, I need to leave for a meeting right now. I'm so sorry Somi.

Somi: Umm... that's ok...

Bang Si-Hyuk: Please take care of Somi, Namjoon.

Namjoon: Yes, sir.

After that Bang Si-Hyuk left in a hurry. After watching him exit the door closing it behind him, you look back at Namjoon.

Namjoon: Here let me introduce everyone. This is *pointing at member* Jimin, the shortest member in BTS.

Jimin: YAH! I told you know to mention that!

Namjoon: This is *pointing at members* Taehyung, Yoongi, Jungkook, Jin and Hoseok.

As each member was introduced, they would wave or nod so you could easier match names with faces. After the introduction, it was time for the boys to take you to the dorm that you were going to be living in from now on. Jungkook came over to you and picked up your suitcase with ease. You weren't sure what to do so you just took your pillow close to your chest and walked behind him. His big figure made you feel safer and less like you were alone at the moment. Jungkook laughed a bit when he noticed you keeping yourself as close to him as possible. While walking, Jimin came up to your side.

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