Chapter 1

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Mia's POV

Oh my god, could my life get any worse? Well at least i have food,that's always a plus, but now i am all alone in my house. My parents just had to go on a stupid business trip, god it's like they don't even care about me anymore. I could be having a crazy party right now, and they wouldn't know.. Not to mention my neighbors just moved away, I could've at least had someone to talk to, but no. I have nothing else to do. While i was getting ice cream from the kitchen (because it makes everything better) i heard my phone going crazy, so i ran back upstairs. God i hate stairs, and running, and well exercise.

"Hello?" i said without looking at the caller id

"Hey honey" my mom said

"What's up mom?" i asked going to open my bedroom curtains.

"Mia i need to tell you someth-" 

"Why the heck is there a moving truck next door?' i asked cutting her off.

"Well that is what i was gonna tell you. Since the Harrisons moved out, we're getting new neighbors. They're all around you're age and they need somewhere to stay for their band and what not. I'm sure they're all really nice boys."

"What!?! Okay so we have new neighbors and they are in a band and my age? Do you know the name of the band?"

" I don't know something about seconds in summer? Anyways you better be a good neighbor and go help them unpack. That's an order now go. And please remember to be nice and that you are representing our family."

"yeah yeah whatever mom i'll go now. bye." 

"Bye sweetie and remember be nice. I know how you get sometimes" she said and hung up.

 What the heck did she mean bye 'seconds in summer'? Whatever, I guess i will go meet these new neighbors of mine. They better not be annoying because I'm not dealing with any egotistical teenage boys.

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