09- interview

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"Hello everyone, we're back today with a very special guest, Cheryl Miller."

"It's so great to be here. Thank you for having me."

"Let's jump into it with a few twitter questions, Alright?"

"Sounds great."

"You're obviously a very hot and talented young actress, so this question is from @bombshellelle; do you prefer to keep your love life in or out of the media?"

"I know her, Lauren, anyways to answer her question, if I were to ever be in a relationship with a person that would be comfortable having both of our lives on media, then yes I would post about my significant other. However, I'd like to keep some memories and other stuff surrounding that private so our relationship would last."

"Amazing, now you've been single ever since your ex beau Alex Peters, this question is from @ellexftw; how open are you to exploring new relationships?"

"I still have major respect for Alex, but our relationship ended three years ago, and as you know it didn't end on the best terms. He isn't a major factor in why I'm not in a relationship. I'm simply single because I haven't found anybody who I want to be with."

"Good for you, considering that you're nineteen years old and turn twenty in four months, this question is from @davinamiller8; have you ever touched alcohol?"

"I'm underage, so no I haven't."

"Next question, @originalshayley asks; how often do you think about your father?"

"All this time, him and my mother raised me to be who I am today and I'm very thankful for that."

"He passed three years ago, correct? Isn't his passing anniversary coming up soon?"

"Um, I actually have a question for you."

"That's usually not how it works, but ask."

"Who picked your questions? Most of which are extremely personal and inappropriate of you to be asking."

"These were sent in, Cheryl, I'm reading what was sent to me via screenshots."

"Well I think that's enough questions, I'm-"

"How about we just move to the second pet of the interview."


"You've seen to be growing closer with the MCU cast."

"I don't mean to be rude, but what's the question?"

"Oh I apologize, anyways, have you ever met any of them?"

"I have not, we just happened to start talking over something that I tweeted."

"It was about Tom Holland, am I right? Do you have anything against him or how your and his fans ship you two under the name #telle?"

"I don't have anything against Tom. I grew up with Andrew as my Spider-Man. I'll totally be in the theatre when his new movie comes out in mid 2017, I tweeted that as a joke. And for the shipping part, I'm not uncomfortable by it whatsoever. Tom and I both think that it's fun."

"Do you think that a relationship could come between you two?"

"I wouldn't be against it, no, but currently I'm not trying to date him. We haven't even met in person yet."

"So, soon? Who's Elle Miller with out her man? Am I right."

"Well, Cheryl Miller is an actress who's fine being single."

"No need to get hostile, anyways, that's all. Thank you so much for coming in."

"No problem, thanks for having me."

"Be sure to check out NKD magazine with the lovely Cheryl Miller on the cover."

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