Thank You

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A/N. There's more smut in this chapter. If you're offended stop reading and go to church.


Hearing her say goodbye was the hardest thing I have ever had to hear. I felt her love line each and every word. It broke my heart to participate in her trial in such a way. She had almost lost herself in her rage. If it had been reversed I would have killed him and everyone in that room.

It seemed rapid. The way were were feeling was beyond our control. The bond took over our mind. It propelled us forward and deep into a connection. I didn't want it to end, and because of our bond I knew it never would.

When we reached my manor Lydia wasn't in the mood to talk. I knew she was upset with the circumstances that involved her trial. She avoided me altogether. In fact, she walked right passed me. Her hands slowly removed the clothes from her body. My mind went right to the attraction but Lydia wasn't trying to be sexy right now. She just wanted to shower.

I sat at the vanity and hoped the steam and hot water would calm her enough to talk to me. I had hoped that she would causally start talking while she was bathing but she said nothing.

Steam filled the bathroom. Condensation trickledown the mirror that rest behind me on the vanity. I heard Lydia slowly turn off the water and open the glass door that enclosed the shower.

"We need to talk Lydia." I stated softly as she exited the shower.

"Later," Lydia whispered. "Right now I want something else."

She only wore a towel, her perfectly toned legs and shoulders were teasing me slightly. Water was dripping down her body. Her eyes were filled with lust and excitement.

Lydia slowly made her way over to me. Slowly, she leaned in and kissed my neck. Her hands grabbed my on to my hips as she moved her kisses from my neck to my lips. Each and every kiss was packed with lust and desire. Her smooth hands pulled me towards her. When she bit down into my neck a moan escaped my lips.

"Please I know you're upset, we should talk first."

"After." Lydia mumbled against my neck.

My body was starting to ignite and couldn't control myself much longer.

"Are you sure? This could wait." I whispered as she attacked my neck. My hand tangled in her hair and pulled her into me, completely contracting everything I was saying.

"I just got you back let me have you." Lydia spoke into my neck leaving me littered with goosebumps.

Instinctively I ripped the towel from her god like body, leaving her exposed in front of me. We made our way out of the bathroom. Lydia's walked me back out of the bathroom. Her lips never left mine. I felt myself fall back against the couch that sat adjacent to my bed. Lydia straddled my waist and locked me into a deep kiss. Electric waves were running through my body our tongues danced in perfect rhythm. I bit down on her lips and this time it was her who let out a long husky moan.

"You're mine Kaitlyn." Her words raced through my body landed right at my core.

"And you're mine." Lydia's eyes were locked on to mine.

I couldn't help myself anymore. I stood up with her still on my lap and carried her to our bed. In one swift motion I threw us into the bed with me positioning myself on top of her. I traced small kisses down her jaw and onto her neck. My eyes were burning purple and my entire existence wanted to drink from her and it was clear by my breathing she know exactly what I wanted.

Lydia ripped my shirt off and threw it to the floor in pieces. I took my pants off quickly, not wanting them to have the same fate. Before I could stop her Lydia had taken control. She was on top of me. She traced her fingers down along my skin only stopping at my nipples. My leg pressed up against her causing her to moan yet again. I felt her wetness against me and it almost threw me over the edge. Sex with her was like nothing else I have ever experienced and it only intensified when we bit each other.

Lydia leaned down and started kissing my neck as her fingers began to tease me. She threatened to enter and as quickly as her fingers went in she pulled them right back out. She wanted me to beg and I wasn't giving in. I pulled her hips down pressing my leg against her harder. I used my strength to grind her against me and she finally pushed her fingers deep inside me. Her head rested on my neck as I rocked her on my leg.

It was hard to focus on her while she was punishing me with her fingers. My entire body was screaming. I released one of my hands from her hip so I could reciprocate while she fucked me. She was beyond wet when my fingers teased her. When I entered her Lydia bit down on my neck sending shockwaves through my body. She was drinking from me as we pleasured each other.

"Bite me." She panted against my neck which sent explosions of pleasure throughout my body.

I leaned my head up just enough to bite into her shoulder. The blood complimented the pleasure we were already feeling. It engulfed us. Our hands moved faster until we reached our peak. I felt her pleasure in her blood as we came together.

"I love you Kaitlyn. Do not ever do that again."

"I promise." I assured her.

We wrapped ourselves in the blanket and held each other as close as we could.

"I'm sorry, I had to for the..."

"I know it's okay. I love you." Lydia cut me off with a small kiss. "I love you." She repeated.

"I love you too Lydia."

We spent the rest of the night discussing her lineage. We made a plan to research it ourselves. I wanted Lydia to discover it for herself first. This way When the elders came back there would be no other surprises.

The sky was bright with the moon shining through the window. Lydia was nearly asleep wrapped in my arms. I could hear the guards walking the halls as I sought through my thoughts.

I never knew I could love like this. What her heritage held had no effect of the fact that I love this woman. We were like two magnets constantly pulling towards one an another. I get tears starting to form in my eyes as I reflected on how happy I was.

"Lydia." I whispered.

She mumbled a small yes as she continued to fall deeper into her slumber.

"Lydia will you move in with me?" I asked.

"Mhm." She mumbled.

"Is that a yes?" I nearly screamed and Lydia shot up from the bed clearly startled by my excitement and loudness.

"What's wrong?" Her eyes searched the room for danger and I laughed. "What the hell are you laughing at Kaitlyn!"

"Lydia, will you move in?" I asked again this time trying to hold back my laughter.

She didn't say anything at first. Instead she climbed back into bed and kissed me.

"Your timing kind of sucks Kaitlyn." She giggled on my lips.

"So that's a no?"

"No." She paused as she spoke leaving my heartbeat rapid. "It's defiantly a yes."

A large smile plastered my face and I kissed her. I found myself back on top of her. I planned on spending the rest of the night thanking her for her for that response.

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