Chapter One.

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"Toni" I whined as I lay stretched out on the edge of the lounge.

"Yes Dani?" Toni's voice got progressively louder as she got closer to the living room "What are you complaining about now?".

She smirked at me as she finished talking, that girl knew exactly how to push my buttons but I still loved her to death.

"Do we really need to go to the Wyrm tonight? I just want to eat pizza and watch a movie or something." I sighed as I finished speaking, playing on the dramatics to hopefully get Toni to let me stay home once again.

"Dani it's been two weeks since you ended it with that ignorant north-sider, what was his name again?"

"Reggie. His name was Reggie and you already knew that T." I butted into the conversation before she started pretending she had no clue who he was.

"Yes that Reginald kid. It's time we go out and get you back in the playing field, or at least just get you out of the house. Fangs and Sweet Pea are going to be there and I know the gang is really missing you Dani."

My face lit up at the thought of Sweet Pea being there. Yeah we're just friends but we're also friends who love to flirt and occasionally make out with each other. We used to confuse the older Serpents a lot because one day we were making out and the next day some newbie had latched herself onto Sweet Pea for the night. It never really bothered me it was just funny seeing everyone's reactions and the looks of confusion that were always plastered on their faces.

"Okay fine I'll go." I grunted whilst trying to get off the lounge "Pull me up?" I gave my best puppy dog eyes to Toni only making her shake her head at me before she walked over and pulled my arm to help me up.

"Now first order of business, let's get you looking sexy babe." Toni smiled as she grabbed ahold of my hand and rushed to my room.

As we were flicking through my closet trying to find something that made me look sexy yet not desperate Toni spoke up.

"Have you heard anything from your parents Dani?"

I shook my head no as an answer. She knew not to push it and frankly I didn't feel like ruining my night out before it had even begun. My parents was always a touchy subject and tonight just wasn't the right time to bring it up, I knew Toni understood that and I loved her for it.

"This is the one!" Toni yelled as she pulled out pieces of clothing that I swear I'd never seen before, then again it wouldn't surprise me if they weren't mine considering Toni's wardrobe was practically at my house anyway. I inspected the clothing, pretending I was thinking hard about the outfit that had been put together for me before I smirked and nodded slightly.

This was the perfect outfit to start a brand new year and what better way to do that than with my family; the Serpents?

Hello my Serpents! Welcome to a brand new Sweet Pea book. It's been awhile since I wrote and actually published anything but I couldn't resist going through with this storyline.

The chapters are going to be longer don't stress, the first chapter is just a little taste into what's to come!

I hope you all love this book as much as I love writing it!

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