24- Harlow's love

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"Antonio you can do it, you have to be strong for her and just read what she had to say." Sadie says, caressing his back. She scooted closer to him and rested her head on his shoulder urging him to open the letter.

Taking a deep breath he opened the letter, stuttering on the first few lines as he read it out loud.

Dear Antonio,
My dearest Antonio, how did we get here? This wasn't our plan, our plan was growing old together, watching the girls grow up to be beautiful women, watching them get married and to watch them have kids of their own. I hope that you're doing OK, and that you are taking good care of our girls. I may be gone, but that doesn't mean that I don't miss you, Gabriella and Isabella. I really do miss you and love you all still. God had a plan for me, it wasn't his plan for me to be on this earth, his plan was for me to watch over and to protect you and the girls. To be your angel, I may be gone physically but I'm still here in your hearts.
I want you to know that I don't blame you if you wanted to move on, I don't want you to be alone and I do not want you to be dwelling over the fact that I am no longer here, it isn't healthy. I really want you to be happy and I want the girls to be happy.
I have watched how Sadie is with the girls and she is perfect. She has helped raise them, just as I would have. I know I was hard on her in the beginning, but I had my reasons, and I fell in love with her ( well not literally ) but you know what I mean. She is a wonderful woman who I know will take good care of you and the girls, I have seen how you have looked at her and what man wouldn't? She's beautiful, young, and a lot like me really. I have seen how big her heart is, she took on something many young women couldn't, or wouldn't have. Some would have only done it for the money. I saw that was not the case with her, she didn't care about the money and had shown how she cared about Izzy and Gabby. What I am getting at, is I really hope that you can fall in love again, and that doesn't mean that you forget about me either, but I really would like to see that you have a place in your heart for someone else to love, and that someone I am talking about is Sadie. I know in my heart that she would be the perfect mother and wife to my family. I would love it a lot.
I really don't want those girls raised by any other woman, other than her. I trust her with them and I trust her with you.
I ask that you give the girls what I couldn't, give them that brother they always wanted or another sister that they could fight with, haha. Like I said before, I know that Sadie is the one. Make her the mother of my children, please.. You have my permission, and my blessings. I love you Antonio, don't ever forget me, I'll never forget you. You're free, free to love Sadie, love her as you have loved me.
I love you, make me proud.
Love, Harlow xoxoxo

Antonio folded the letter and sat quietly for a moment. Surprised at what he just read, and for her to insist that he be with Sadie, to love her, to give her children, and to be their girls mom, had him amazed. He was flabbergasted, he really thought that she would be hurt if he moved on. She may be gone, but he knows that her spirit is around him always.

"It takes a strong woman to write something that beautiful. She had a really big heart, Antonio. Ethan was right... she meant well." She said quietly. She looked at him and wiped away some tears that were strolling down his cheek.

"I do miss her a lot." he whispered "I'll have to read her journal another day, this was already too much."

"That's fine, it's not like she expected you to read everything all in one day, Ethan did say that she wrote in it everyday, that's over a years worth of what was on her mind. I'm sure she wrote it for you and the girls to read whenever you wanted to read something from her, what she was feeling or thinking. When you're thinking of her, just remember that it will always be here for you guys."

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