Chapter 9

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Third POV

Lauren paced the bedroom."I need to go down to the station. I have to tell my captain about my dad so that her can send a search out for him."

"Lauren let me go with you I dont want you to have to go alone." Normani said grabbing Lauren's arm trying to stop her from leaving the room.

"I'll be fine babe just stay here with the girls." Lauren said giving her wife a light kiss to her lips.

Lauren left the guest room to go get changed.

Normani just sighed and went to go check on the girls. She walked into Dinah's bedroom to see her sitting on the floor halfheartedly playing with her toys with a frown on her face. Camila just sat watching from a far.

Normani frowned and walked over and sat down on Dinah's bed."Come here girls." Normani said opening her arms for the girls to come to her.

Dinah went over to her mother and sat on her lap. Camila was hesitant at first then finally walked over to the woman and allowed her to sit her in her lap.

"Mama why did grandpa do mean things to Camzie?" Dinah asked innocently as she played with the ring on Normani's finger."I dont know baby sometimes people just do mean things to people, but mommy and I are gonna take care all that baby. You dont have to worry about any of that." Normani told the older child.

"Is grandpa gonna go to jail?" Dinah asked looking at her mother with tear filled eyes. Normani looked at both the girls in her lap. Both their eyes were filled with tears. She held them close to to her.

It broke her heart. She didn't want these 2 very young children to have to worry about stuff like this.

Normani looked up to see Lauren standing in the doorway now fully dressed."Lolo." Camila whined and ran over to the woman. Lauren picked up the child and she buried her face in the woman's neck. Dinah went over to her as well wanting to be picked up.

"Come here baby." Lauren said and lifted Dinah up with her free arm.

"Everythings gonna be okay. You two dont need to worry about anything, okay?" Lauren asked the two children in her arms."Okay mommy." Dinah said."Okay Camila?" Lauren asked when the girl didnt respond."Okay Lolo." Camila said.

"Now I'll be back later. Be good girls for Mani." Lauren said putting the children down."Bye Mommy. Bye Lolo." Both girls said as they gave the woman a hug.

"Bye babe see you when you get back." Normani said getting up and going to give her wife a kiss goodbye."Bye Mani I'll be back later." Lauren said. Normani placed her hand on Lauren's cheek and and gave her a gentle look."You can do this babe." Normani told her. Lauren smiled at her, she needed a little confidence boost. She was about to put in a criminal warrant on her own father so of course she was nervous.

Normani smiled back and watched as she left the room then a few moments later heard the front door close.

"Come on girls why dont we go get you ready for the day." Normani said taking both their hands and leading them to the bathroom to get them ready.

After Normani got both girls washed up with their teeth brushed and everything they walked back to Dinah's room to get them dressed.

"Why dont you go pick out what you wanna wear, DJ." Normani told the older child."Okay Mama." She said skipping off to pick an outfit. Normani was happy to see her perking up a bit.

"Now let's go get you dressed baby." Normani said picking up the 4 year old and took her to the room she was staying in at the moment to find her some clothes.

Normani sat her down on the high queen sized bed in the room. They were gonna need to give the room a more child friendly makeover if Camila was gonna be living with them.

Normani dug through the different Target bags that held the child's clothes. Normani found an outfit she liked and quickly got her dressed.

"I'm all dressed Mama." Dinah said happily coming into the room."Good girl. I'm almost done with Camila then we can go get some breakfast." Normani said as she helped Camila put her shirt on over her head.

When Normani finished getting her dressed she picked up the 4 year old and took Dinah's hand in her's."Lets go get some breakfast kiddos." Normani said in a happy tone.

Dinah basically dragged her mother out the room and down the steps. Normani giggled at her daughter's eagerness."Slow down baby I'm coming." She said.

"Hurry Mama I'm hungry." Dinah said."Okay baby I'll get some food in you. Why don't you and Mila go wait in the living room while I make something." Normani said putting down the child in her arms."Okay come on Mila." Dinah said talking the younger girl's hand and pulling her to the living room to watch some tv. Normani quickly began to get breakfast done for the two children.

After breakfast Normani had to clean up the two very sticky children."You two are such messy eaters." Normani said as she wipes Camila's face with a babywipe. Camila gave the woman an adorable smile making her coo.

The moment was soon interrupted by loud banging on the front door."Mama what's that?" Dinah asked frightened."I don't know baby. I need you to take Camila and go to tour room okay?" Normani said seriously.

"But Mama- Right now Dinah. And lock the door." Normani said sternly as she helped Camila out the chair."Lets go Mila." Dinah said pulling the crying child up the stairs.

The bangs on the door began to get louder and harder."Who's there?" Normani yelled as she walked closer to the door."Open the door!" A heavy voice yelled.

Just then the door broke open to reveal Lauren's dad."Mike, what are you doing here?" Normani asked backing away from the man.

"Where the f*** is she?!" He helled walking closer to the woman."Who?" Normani asked.

"Don't play dumb I know she's here. Where's Camila?"

"She's not here." Normabi said simply.

"Maybe I wasn't clear enough. Where is she." he asked this time pulling out a gun and pointing it at her head.

"What's wrong with you. I said she's not here!" Normani yelled backing away."I'm gonna find her." He said running upstairs.

"No!" Normani yelled rinning after him only for the gun to be pulled on her again.

He checked all the rooms then paused when he heard crying and little voices."Be quiet Mila." He heard the voice of Dinah say. He smirked and walked over to the child's room and when he fojnd the door was locked her kicked it in.

The children screamed."No Daddy!" Camila cried hiding behind Dinah."You cant have her!" Dinah said sternly putting herself in front of the child to protect her."Come on DJ its grandpa I'm not gonna hurt her." He tried putting on a sly smile.

Dinah still didn't budge. He frowned and walked towards the child."Move!" He yelled and pushed the girl put the way and grabbed the smaller child."Noo Noo!" Dinah uelled punching the man.

"Put her down!" She yelled only to be pushed to the ground again only this time a lot more roughly.

He ran down the stairs with the crying child."No stop it don't take her! Mike your better than this!" Normani said blocking the stair case.

"Move." He said seriously as he pointed the gun at her again."No hurt no hurt." Camila cried."Shut up." He yelled at the child.

"You know you wouldn't shoot me." Normani said calmly. The man paused."Just get out my way." He told her."Not till you put her down." Normani said.

He sighed and brought his hand up and stuck Normani over the head with the gun knocking her out cold.

"Nooo!" Camila yelled only for a hand to be put over her mouth. She just wanted to be with her new Mama and Mommy.

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