Chapter 4 - Sundial of Reincarnation

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The old main building of Dragon City University was built in around the 1910s, so it's now at least a hundred years old. Lush woods saturate the campus, some towering above all buildings, which were built in a Western architectural style and are particularly ancient.

The only building that's relatively new is the administrative office situated in the west wing, which also happens to be tall enough to be not blocked by the trees. The untarnished and multi-storey structure stands out like a sore thumb.

Professor Shen says he doesn't recognise this student, and offers to take them to the office to investigate.

Zhao is amazed by this modern-looking office building: it has eighteen floors, he realises without counting.

In the earlier days, property developers would always avoid buildings with eighteen floors, but since the economy boomed and property prices kept rising, people started caring less about superstition and more about money.

Only those who know the business can spot the problem right away.

Maybe it's because of the air conditioning, a chilling breeze comes gushing forward as soon as one enters the office building. Da Qing the cat shivers a bit, extending its claws out and grabs hold of Zhao tightly.

"The student card says Faculty of Mathematics, the office is on the top floor." Shen leads the two into the elevator.

Zhao suddenly asks, "Professor Shen doesn't seem to be very curious about this incident? There is nothing you'd like to ask?"

Shen's head is slightly bent, and softly replies, "I respect the dead, and I will do whatever I can to help you solve this case, but I don't need to know the details."

Zhao occasionally strokes the back of the cat, and continues, "rarely do we meet good citizens like you, even Da Qing seems to have taken a liking to you."

Shen gently smiles, "it's what I should do."

Zhao stays silent for awhile, and glances at Shen. He finds that there is something unusual about the Professor: he has been avoiding eye contacting ever since they locked eyes with each other.

The elevator stops abruptly at the fourth floor, lights flickering. Guo looks at Chief Zhao in panic and desperation, but Zhao is awfully calm, still intently scrutinising the Professor.

A creepy male voice echoes through the elevator, "Professor Shen, what brings you to the eighteenth floor?

Shen flatly replies, "there was an accident in school, these two are from the MPS, I'm taking them to the Faculty of Mathematics for some inquiries."

"Oh..." The voice appears rather slow-witted, and only replies after a long silence, "right, take care."

Suddenly, the elevator returns to normal and the lights are back on... as if nothing ever happened.

"Scared?" Shen turns around, still avoiding Zhao, and explains to Guo, "that was the security guard; last semester a student jumped off the building from the top floor, since then whoever's not from the faculty will be questioned before they can go up to the eighteenth floor."

Guo is relieved, and giggles embarrassingly, "and here I thought it was..."

"A ghost?" Shen asks, half-jokingly.

Guo's face turns pale and emotionless.

Zhao has other worries on his mind.

This office building with terrible Feng Shui, and the Professor who inexplicably avoids eye contact are equally bizarre.

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