The Plan

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Back at the House

Dan: ok guys, so is everyone here?

Katie: yeah, we're all can now explain your plan

Dan: ok, here it goes...Luke, Victor and Thomas you guys will be staying in the House, we need you guys to make sure that Jackie doesn't break down the electricity

Luke: on it!

Victor: this is a pain...but alright...

Thomas: sure, whatever....

Dan: Thank guys, alright next up....Hannah, Jackson and Trisha, you two will be fixing Rocky's Broken car so just in case if the Police can't make it...we could drive out of here

Trisha: Anything for you, Dan

Hannah: this could be fun

Jackson: Alright!

Dan: and that only leaves....Me, Rocky and Katie

Katie: we're going to find Y/n and Colleen and kill Jackie

Rocky: that psycho birch better not hurt her...or else!

Dan: calm down Rocky, we're going to start hours

Hannah: ok...seems good...

Victor then pick up his phone

Dan: what are you doing Victor?

Victor: I'm just going to see if Molly ok?

Victor calls Molly...but she didn't answer....

Luke: I guess she still angry at us for not leaving

Katie: well, I'm not leaving Y/n and if she decided to leave like that...she's not a gopd friend at all

Victor: she's was probably scared alright...who the he'll would want to he here?!

Hannah: I mean...this place does look pretty sweet....

Jackson: of course you would say that...

Dan: Y/n....whatever Jackie took you...I will find you...

Continues in Next Chapter.....

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