Chapter 6- Proposal?

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# Shean pov#

Until thirty minutes ago I was with my dad in the hospital, I bid my goodbye to him and left. When I was walking back out of the blue a car stopped by my side , two bulky men wearing black suit with Bluetooth in ears came out. They look so professional and kind of...scary. Next they ask me if I know Nicolas Fleming. Of course I know him, he is my father so I nodded and next thing I know one of them grab my hand, push me inside the car and drive away. Well then never judge a book by its cover. I always understood this. I don't need a freaking live example for it, jeez. Must I say quite a professional looking kidnappers.

And now I am sitting in front of God-knows-who and to put it simply Greek God. He is most handsome man I have seen. Such a sharp features, dark brown hair all well set perfect shade  of lips suiting his fair complexion and most beautiful forest green eyes. His eyes are so.....cold and he kind of having a very scary aurora around home. I know it's awkward but when I entered here and our eyes meet, we kind of have a lost in each other moment back there and I'm sure his eyes at that time were totally warm and nice. And yeah one more thing he had this very well built muscular body. I'm sure he do lot of workout daily, I mean really. For God sake his muscles are popping out of that goddamm shirt of his but he is not overly built. He is maintained and suits  himself well. I am  so jealous of him, unlike him I have quite a thin body. And he is my kidnapper! Lucky me. Note the sarcasm. (yes yes don't jump just scroll down and see Kai the kidnappers picture^_^)

Before I was scared when those people kidnapped me, who wouldn't be? But then after I saw him and my hopelessly luxurious surroundings I said to myself just relax Shean! They must have got a wrong person. To explain this to this handsome you must be calm. So I remained calm but when I heard my name I was just confused and now scared because they really want me. What do they want? Well I guess best way to find out is listen and somehow I feel as if I have seen him before.

" I have been waiting for you. We have some important matter to discuss. " he announced in a cold tone. Why do I have a feeling that this is going to be a less discussion and more threatening. Anyway I just nodded. He  stand up from his chair and when I make moment to stand, he just gesture me to sit down by his hand.

" you must be wondering who I am and how did I know you and why  are you here extra extra. " he said while coming around the table in front of me and then he sat on it. I just stared at him with frown. He continued, "well Shean, I am Kai Williams and let just say I have a good deal for you." and now it striked me why I felt like I know him, he is freaking the Kai Williams, owner of the Williams Co. Ltd. He is that hopelessly rich person on whom every girl drools. Why wouldn't they? He is damm rich, handsome like hell and young. But what did he want from someone like me? I would know only if I ask.

" I know you, I mean who don't but what do you want from me? And what deal are you speaking about? " I asked. He smirked at me and said in a cold tone tone , "Marry me." marry you. Of course. Wait, WHAT?MARRY YOU. Have he lost his mind or is this some kind of dream. I think my hearing senses are not working.

He just sit there without any care as if he had not just proposed me. I took a deep breath to calm myself down down and said, "had you just said marry you?" I asked for confirmation. He nodded his head and said,"yes do I need to repeat." would it be wrong if I  get confused here. He walked back to his chair and sit there. I open my mouth and and close it like a fish out of water. There was silence between us and he was staring at me. I decided to break the silence and asked hesitating, " if I you don't mind may I ask, are you a homo?" " No. "came a blunt reply. Why the hell does this man don't have any expression on his face? I screamed mentally. I let out a sigh and said," Are you in any way in love with me? " he kept looking at me expressionlessly and said "No" huh? Then why the hell do you want to marry me? I stare at him and said,  "then why did you want to marry me?" I asked annoyed. He replied coldly, " I don't need to explain you that." what? He want me to marry him and  is not ready to give me any reason. I let out a deep sigh and said, " Mr Williams if this is some kind of joke then please stop." he looked at me and while leaning forward on the table said, " do I look like a person to joke around to you?" I stared back at him. When I saw he was not telling lie, I tool a deep breath and said, " Mr Williams I am really sorry but I can't accept your proposal. I can't marry you." he just lean back on his chair and said, " Have I told you if you have a choice in this. You are going to marry me whether you like it or not. Have I made myself clear?" at this I glared at him in confusion. He leaned forward and said, " OK now let me make a deal with you. Your father Mr Nicholas Fleming is now admitted in hospital due to his illness and you need a lot of money for his treatment. Am I correct?" he asked. How did he know that? I look at him, he was waiting for me to answer so I nodded my head yes. He continued, " Then let's make a deal, I will give that money and instead you have to marry me. What say?" " but why would you do that, what would you get from it? " I asked almost immediately still not believing what he said. He smirked at me and said," you don't need to worry about it. I will give you one day, twenty four hours to think about this deal. Think about it carefully, your father would be better. You can go now. I will call you later. " I sat there trying to process everything in my mind then I stand up on my seat to leave.

Suddenly I heard from outside," hey tell me where is he? What have you done to him? Shean? Shean?" without thinking twice I ran towards the door. I know who this is. But how did he got here?


Kai Williams,

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