Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

I wait down at the lobby anxiously. I couldn't help but continue to bounce my leg repeatedly. I felt like because of this bouncing leg thing I do everyone was looking at me so weirdly, like I was some crazy animal but I was just nervous about a garden walk.

I kept on watching people walk into the lobby from the door waiting to see Noah. I vaguely remember his features. All I can remember is that he was tan and tall. I wouldn't say as tall as Harry, maybe the same or a smidge shorter. Harry's height was just impressive, Noah's was normal. His facial features, I can only remember the thick eyebrows and small eyes. When you're a makeup artist we tend to notice the art side of things. I remember the dirty blonde hair and the slight facial hair.

I look down to my phone checking the time. I was early by fifteen minutes and I hoped he would show up early too just to get today over and done with. Well, hopefully, he is worthwhile and the day lasts forever.

I hope he is a nice guy. He found me so weirdly, through Audrey but I wanted to shrug that off and pretend that he just texted me through a DM like most men try to do. I hope he has a good job, makes good money and has a nice family. I was overthinking this man. I stupidly treated this like he as my dream man.

I cross my arm over my chest, resting under my breasts and I divert my vision to the receptionist desk where a pretty lady tried to handle an irritated customer. I noticed the amounts of people who were also looking their way, watching the customer try and get her way. The receptionist seems as if she is really trying her best to calm the lady down. I notice another woman with two kids follow her to the customer and all three begin to chat.

I furrow my brows thinking if I should help them out. I was never the one to do good deeds when I see someone in need and that was because I was never taught how to exactly do it. I didn't know if I had to tap them on the shoulder or just butt in the conversation. I always divided away from those situations and decided to not get into anything that could get me into trouble.


My name gets called unfamiliarly beside me. I turn my head and almost gasp at Noah. It had to be him, the dirty blonde hair and the thick eyebrows. I stand up in shock.

'Hi, sorry I was distracted.' I chuckle and he smiles and waves a hand to me.

'Don't stress, I was looking at them too. They're really making a scene.' The sudden reminder of his deep voice made me smile. He smiles at the crowd they now have made and I shake my head at them.

I couldn't find any words to say to him. I was speechless at his appearance, he was handsome. But Harry kept on entering my brain, filling me with guilty thoughts. I kept on feeling the guilt that I had replaced Harry but I had to assure myself that there was nothing of us to be replaced...and that was the only thing keeping me where I stood now.

'Would you like to get going?' he gestures his hand to the door. 'Before a blood fest starts?' he chuckles.

'Yes please.' I exclaim, smiling and rolling my eyes at him.


The entrance to the garden was free, any extra activities were to be paid. At the beginning of the pathway, the garden already started to look heavenly. They have set out the flowers so nicely, where colours were in a pattern and the height wasn't too overwhelming. Everything was set out to look pleasing and expensive and they nailed it.

I thought this whole experience would be nothing but boredom but I was so far thoroughly enjoying it. Noah was great and so were these pink weird looking flowers but I loved it all. He was so gentle, so caring and he was polite...most things Harry wasn't. He didn't make any smartass remarks, sexual comments or anything to make me roll my eyes at his stupidity and that was a plus for me.

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