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Here we begin.
Seems like there's always
Someone who disapproves,
They'll judge it like they know about me and you,
And the verdict comes from those with nothing else to do,
The jury's out,
And my choice is you.

~Ours Taylor swift.
"She is such an opportunist."

"Manik is surely playing around with her."

"Here comes the bad boy's girl." Nandini could hear the catcalls and hushed whisper as she passed by the corridor. But she cared less.

She wasn't a nerd but she obviously was among those who didn't want to be in the limelight. But her monster had completely changed her image, she had become the bad boy's girl, the girl he loved, the girl who belonged to him. Mess with her and be ready to face her monster.

"Hi Nandini." A hand clasped down Nandini's shoulder and it didn't take her even a second to realize, it was Mohit. He had a crush on her and it wouldn't be wrong to say he used to force his friendship on her.

"Oh hi." Nandini greeted back, her eyes scanning the corridor which was crowded with students, who were obviously gossiping and backbiting.

"Looking for Manik?" Mohit asked and Nandini just nodded her head in 'Yes'. Her eyes still busy scanning the crowd.

"He is such a bad boy. What's so special about him that you fell for him? I am your friend so I am just telling you he is not good for you." Mohit said but his words seem to have zero effect on her.

"Thank you for the suggestion." Nandini said rather politely.

"I am se-" Before he could complete Nandini walked away, leaving him angry and irritated.

Nandini, this is how she was. She was always clear about whom she should be with and whom she shouldn't. She was never affected by the judgements and criticisms of people who didn't matter to her.

Searching for Manik, Nandini entered the music room and as soon as she entered, she felt a presence behind her. On turning around she clashed into Manik's chest and as a reflex he held her waist.

"Where wer-" Nandini couldn't even complete as she was cut by Manik.

"What was Mohit doing there with you?" Manik asked with frowns.

She didn't answer right away, as it took her a second to register what he was referring to. Then:
"You know Manik he is such a fun person. He was telling me about what he liked about me." Nandini lied, with the intension to pull his leg.

"What did he tell?" He said, gritting his teeth, trying to act calm but he failed miserably.

"He was saying that he loved my plumpy lips." Nandini could feel his grip tightening on her waist and it took all her will power to hold back her smile. "He loved my doe shaped eyes and he love-" Nandini was stopped by Manik's murmur.

"How dare he?" He murmured.

Playing with his shirt button, Nandini said,"You know Manik I see at least hundred boys everyday. I talk to hardly fifty-"

"Fifty." Manik interrupted and Nandini bit her lower lips to control her smile.

"Yeah HARDLY fifty." Nandini said in a casual tone pressurising on the word hardly. "I like may be ten of them-" This was it Manik pulled her closer by her waist. "I don't care how many boys are there. You are just mine and that's the end of the story." His voice held authority and not to forget pinch of anger.

"Oh my green eye monster." Nandini laughed, encircling her hands around his neck while he pouted angrily. "I may like ten of them as they are my brothers but I love only one and that's you and now that's the end of the story." She pecked his lips lightly and he smiled at her confession but immediately covered it up.

"Manik I was lying about Mohit. Even you know I don't like him. And he was just giving me his typical suggestions."

"You were lying?" Manik glared at her and she smiled sheepishly. "Of course I was."

Nandini came on her tiptoes and pecked his lips lightly. "You are so possessive."

"Yes I am possessive because you are only mine." He whispered huskily against her lips, sending shivers down her spine. He pressed his lips against her, while she pulled him closer by his neck.

He knew she loved him only but he couldn't help being jealous when others would eye her, talk to her. He trusted her but he couldn't trust those boys. And Nandini understood him so well.

He kissed her, pouring all his love and she too responded back with equal passion but she could never match the level of his intensity. He was always dominating in every single thing but she liked it that way.

He pulled away, leaving her breathless.  Manik cupped her face gently and placed a light peck on her forehead.

"Manik let's go otherwise we might get late for the class." Nandini whispered.

"You go. I will come later."

"You and your bad boy image. But you won't bunk the class." Nandini said in a bit strict tone.

"Yes ma'am." Manik bowed his head infront of her and she smiled. She pecked his cheek before leaving for the class.

"Next target Mohit." Manik whispered to himself and smirked. He took out a cigarette from his pocket. Holding it in between his teeth, he lit it. He took a slow, long draw of cigarette and blew the smoke out.

Holding it in between his fingers he called his best friend Cabir,"Behind the music wing."

"Okay bro."

To be continued..

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