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Madyson Kathleen Lodge:

I groaned whist I stood up. I was completely fine moving around, till I had to stand. The nurse helped me take a step, but I fell...

"Hey hoe," I heard a familiar voice. I smiled looking up. Reggie came in and pulled me up. "Sup bitch," I laughed.

"So the fuck happened to you? You know how much I had to keep the Bulldogs in line?" He asked, helping me take a step as the nurse stepped aside to help another patient. "I was shot, and it's not my fault they care. So much for my bestfriend," I pouted.

Reggie smirked, "If I wasn't your bestfriend, you wouldn't have held them back because I knew you would hate if they started something."

I smiled, "You're right."

"Mantle the Magnificent, is always right."

"No, Maddy the Great is always right and is more better than the narcissistic, selfish, prudent Bulldog," I smirked. He chuckled, "O-Ow?"

We laughed, as I tried to walk once more. I pushed Reggie away lightly, and bit my lip attempting to walk on my own. Moment after moment, call after a step, I finally took three steps on my own. "This is like watching a kid walking for the first time," Reggie laughed. I laughed, shoving him aside.

A few days later...


I laughed, hugging Cheryl with one arm. I then held her back to look at her, "What the fuck have you been doing? Some shit happens, next thing you know my main hoe tries to kill herself. Why?"

Cheryl gives me a smile, "That doesn't matter now. What matters is that Maddy is safe."

I gave her a concerned look. "Cher. It matters to me. My bestfriend can't be dead because of whatever happened. Whether it be your parents or other people, you still have me."

Cheryl teared up and hugged me. She pulled away when I winced. "Sorry... Thank you..."

"Anything for you, Cher."

I then laughed nervously, looking outside where Reggie 'guarded the door'. "You mind helping me get through the crowd Reggie's trying to keep out?" Cheryl looked out and nodded with a chuckle. "Anything for you, girl."

"Sweet Pea, I told you I'm fine," Madyson laughed, looking at the boy who came into her room with two milkshakes, fries, and two burgers. Sweet Pea sighed, sitting next to the girl who was laying down cuddled up against her comforters. Sweet Pea chuckled, sitting down on her bed. "You say fine, but you seem like you're dying."

Madyson smiled, sitting up slowly. She took a fry from the bag and chewed on it. "I was dying before you got here," she quietly admitted. Sweet Pea gave her a smile which sent butterflies fluttering in her stomach. "You're pretty cheesy when people get to know you, huh?" He joked.

Madyson blushed, hiding her face with a fluffy throw pillow. Sweet Pea snatched the pillow and threw it into a corner where it held a sitting area filled with pillows, a fluffy blanket, and a mountain of plushies. His baritone chuckle ran throughout the room as Madyson gave him a glare, which he could admit was kind of cute. "Look at that, the clumsy Northsider who used to shrivel away in embarrassment and shyness is now glaring at the person who messed with her," he laughed.

Her glare faltered but she proceeded to glare at him, only this time with a hot blush. As he leaned towards her, Madyson's glare converted into a sort of pout. Sweet Pea hesitantly tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear and admired her eyes. They were dark brown, sure, but they held something in them.

Something he couldn't explain but, it drew him in.

It took only a few moments till her eyes filled with tears and he was brought into a hug. When she had sprung up to hug him, he fell back causing her to lay on his front. He felt his shirt begin to moisten from what seemed to be tears. "Maddy?"

"Thank you... Thank you so much," she sobbed.

"For what? All I've done is make fun of you."

"For being there silly. Before I had my therapist, you were always the one I'd talk to... You, Toni, and Fangs," she paused. Sweet Pea sat up and pushed her away to see her face, which held a thoughtful expression. "What's wrong?" He wondered.

"I don't deserve you guys," Madyson teared up once more. Not in happiness like before, but sadness and guilt. "What the fuck are you saying?"

"You guys skip school just to be with me after my therapy and appointments. You skip out hanging out with Fangs and Toni just to have lunch with me when I'm lonely. Toni helps me with my homework even if she's tired. Fangs helps me get to school when no one could drop me off... You guys deserve someone better than me, a nuisance..."

Sweet Pea glared at the girl who sat on his lap crying her heart out. "Madyson Kathleen Lodge, look at me," he instructed sternly. Madyson did so and saw the stern and slight angered expression on his handsome face. "I don't know what you're saying, but if anything you deserve someone better. You're the only damn Northsider here who treats us southsiders like actual people and not criminals. Hell, even when I made fun of you you were still so fucking kind and sweet!"

"I'm sorry," Madyson cried. Sweet Pea sighed grieving the girl a warm embrace. "I swear if you say that one more fucking time —" He cut his sentence off with a sigh.

Madyson sniffled, burrowing her face into the crook of his neck. The scent of cheap cologne, cigarettes, and just a tad of alcohol was brought to her attention, in which she found quite soothing. "Can we watch a movie or something?" She quietly asked.

She shivered slightly when his laugh was heard right by her ear. "Sure, princess."

Pulling away from the embrace she gave his a pout, "Don't call me that!" She whined. Sweet Pea narrowed his eyes playfully," Why should I, princess? Or would you rather prefer the term of 'babygirl'?"

"You damn kinky ass son of a fucking bitch!" She squealed punching his shoulder with a large, noticeable blush upon her face.

"Maddy? You awake?" Veronica asked quietly knocking on the door. Hearing no response she opened the door, her breath hitching.

On the dark wooded daybed, set with white sheets and comforter, were Madyson and Sweet Pea cuddled up against each other in a deep sleep; whist Madyson's television played a movie on Netflix. It seemed that they only got halfway with it before falling asleep. Veronica, despite her current hate for the biker gang, saw how happy her sister was with the tall Serpent and decided to see where this went before stepping in.

Taking one last look, worriedly, at her sister, Veronica quietly shut the door and lied to her mother that Madyson was asleep and was not to be bothered. She didn't want her mother to interfere with something she believed could potentially work. If not, she would sure as hell tell her father and mother.

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