Chapter 1

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I dedicated this chapter to @EverythingIrish because she is very sweet and she ACTUALLY LIKED my story! Isn't that surprising..? well it is for me..SO THIS IS FOR YOU!.xx

Chapter 1:


“Wake up honey, otherwise you will be late for school” a posh voice said.


“You gotta wake up, you know?” said a sweet voice. Okay, this is Amanda.

“No!” I Protested.

Too late, they took my comfy blanket away from me.

As soon as my blanket was removed, cold air hit me.

“I hate you guys” I said. Meaning it, at least at this moment.

I opened my eyes to see two beautiful faces smirking at me.

Okay I won’t deny I envy them. A lot.

Why? Because they are beautiful, and I am NOT!

I am just a NOBODY.

“Finally” they chorused in their sweet voices.

Well, that made me smile. Waking up to their sweet voices is the best thing in the whole world.

Although, sometimes I even wish not to wake up but I can’t help it. They make me.

Cruel, isn’t it? But they do it for me.

They think that a person is not beautiful because of their face but their work. Silly, isn’t it?

But this simple thought makes my day. Not because it cheers me up or something. But, because I have such a sweet and loving family.

I know that this sounds like some fairytale. Doesn’t it?

But it’s not. Trust me. I love my family, but it’s not as I wanted it to be.

No, no! You are getting it wrong. I wasn’t talking about my family. I would never change my family. I love the way it is!

What I want to change is me.

I am the black spot on my clean white family.

They don’t say it but I know, I know they get embarrassed to introduce me to their friends, our relatives, their colleagues. They don’t show it, maybe they don’t even feel it but, I do. I feel embarrassed because I embarrass them, the ones I love the most, the only ones I have. The only ones I’ll EVER have.

“Spacing out, are we?” Amanda said, bringing me back to reality.

“Amanda!” mum scolded.

“Sorry.” Amanda said but it didn’t look as if she meant it.

“Can you both go so that I can get ready?”

They nodded and left, but as I was about to lock the door Amanda peeped in and said “we’ll talk about this later” and then left.

Oh, did I mention that Amanda’s the gossip queen? Well if I haven’t, then lemme tell you, Amanda LOVES to gossip! Actually, loves is an understatement.

So, back to reality now.

What should I wear?

 ________________15 mins later__________________

I settled on a black crop top and my denim. I know it’s nothing special but, who cares?

I am not beautiful so I don’t need to wear something special. Do i?

Of course not.

So right now, I am going to face my biggest fear, school.

So get ready East High. I am coming!


Okay! I Know That this was short but i pwomise that slowly i'll be posting lenghty chapters. BUT for now: