The Destiny of the Scarlet Chapter 12

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Fawn's POV

I was fuming. Fucking bastard, fucking dickhead. I stopped walking. I took two deep breaths. Alright I can't let this get to me. I mean the kiss clearly didn't mean anything to him so why should it mean anything to me? I was just over reacting.

I took two more deep breaths. I continued walking, and my mind began to wander. Group Ten. I've heard it somewhere before I know I had but...where? I groaned as I entered the kitchen rubbing my temples. I was thinking to hard.

Clare came over to me skipping happily. She had a smile on her face. How could she be so happy all time?

"Hi Fawn did my lord send you down to get something for him?" she asked bouncing lightly on her feet.

"Hey Clare umm no he just said to get myself something to eat."

"Oh alright we have like everything. Steak, shrimp, lobster, chicken, salad, oh and we have breafast food to like pancakes, waffles, cereal-" I cut her off.

"Clare I'll just have salad alright."

"Are you sure I mean it really is no problem there are lots of stuff in the-" she kept bombarding me with words.

"Clare!" I said forcefully," I'm fine with salad okay." it was more of a statement than a question.

"Okay," she said a smile still wide on her face. She turned and skipped over to the fridge and got out lettuce, tomato, red onion and a bottle of ranch dressing. She chopped all of the vegetables extremely quickly. We then skipped over to the cupboard and pulled out a clear glass bowl. She dumped all the vegetables in the bowl and tossed the salad. She lightly drizzled the dressing on the salad grabbed me a fork and handed it to me. I sat at one of the many tables in the room. Clare sat across from me watching me eat. It was uncomfortable but I ignored it.

I finished eating and went over to the sink to wash my bowl. Just as I finished putting it away Damon entered the room. Every person in the room got down to their knee and bowed there head except for Clare she just sat there acting as if nothing happened. Is she insane?! Alright I admit she might be just a little but I didn't want anyone to get hurt.

"As you were." Damon said his voice still flat.

I looked at his face to see no emotion. He didn't even seem angry that Clare hadn't bowed. I looked at Clare she didn't seem frightened or worried about getting punished she still had a hyperactive smile on her face.

"Fawn follow me." he turned around and began walking. As we walked I began to think why is he being like this. I had never seen him like this. It was like he was wearing a mask.

We were a few meters away from a set of French doors when Damon turned to face me.

"There are two rules: Stand by the door and don't move and don't speak uless spoken to do you understand?" I simply nodded. He faced away from me and started walking again. The guards opened the doors for us and Damon said,

"Don't let anyone in this is a private meeting."

I entered the room. It was beautiful. Hundreds of old paintings lined the walls. There was a large oak wood table in the center of the room. Stood at one end was a man that resembled Damon. I'm guessing. They nodded at each other then sat down in there seats.

Damon slide the file that I got for him earlier over to his father. "Group Ten have sent a death threat to you, mother, Elliot, and myself. They have threatened to take over the kingdom and your castle along with my home and the surrounding villages."

"Why are you taking this so seriously Group Ten do not have the power or the numbers to get past my guards let alone the entire kingdom."

"You know history will repeat its self. The only reason why they didn't take the kingdom is because the Scarlet came. We would all be dead if the Scarlet hadn't come. We can't rely on her to use the power we both know she will die if she tries she is just the protector. She is not meant to use it's power. Group Ten know that we don't know the Scarlet. And they will use that against us. We can't risk it. Too many people have died because of our poor planning I won't let it happen again."

My mind started to wander. Scarlet, Scarlet. Where have I heard that. And Group Ten. All of this seems so familiar but my mind can't figure out why. It seems like it was a long time ago. Ugh this is so confusing.

That's when I noticed Damon's father and Damon staring at me. Damon's father was the first to speak.

"Are you talking during our meeting slave?" he spat at me, " Do you have any respect?!" he shouted at me. His words were as sharp as knives. I slightly backed away. Then dropped to my knees. "I deeply apologized your highness I mean no disrespect." my voice was in the slightest bit shaking. There was a growl then Damon's voice.

"just get this slave out of my sight." he spat the word slave almost as if it were dirty.

"Go up to my chambers wait for me there."

"Yes my lord."

I stood and walked out of the room. The only thing I could think about now was; oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. I've done it this time he is going to kill me Damon is going to kill me. Out of the two rules I had to follow I had broken one. Wow I'm on a role aren't I.


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