Chapter 17

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Allison asked that I join them for dinner but I declined because my pack was probably worried.Me and Allison swam for hours while D.J. went off somewhere.When we were done I went behind the tree and transformed then changed into my clothes.I put my hair in a ponytail and walked from behind the tree.The little girl said that she needed to change so we went to her house and I waited outside.She came out in a blue and pink floral sundress with noodle straps,she had on purple flip flops which matched perfectly.She had another clip in her hair which looked like a butterfly."Hey" she said as she smiled brightly."Hey" I said as I watched her sit next to me.She messed with her dress to make sure you couldn't see under it.She took my hand "do you want me to ask daddy if he would help your pack?" she asked looking back at the house."I don't know what my alpha would say" I said avoiding eye contact."Who cares you're the Almighty one" She said pouting."I know....I guess we can ask" I said looking back at her.Her smile appeared again.She stood up and lead me into the house.She took me through a few rooms then we came to what I think is the Alphas office.She knocked on the door with her small hand "come in" A guy on the other side said.She easily turned the knob and pushed the door open.There were three guys one was the of the others was probably his beta and the second one was probably his third in command."Who is this?" The third growled."This is Natilie" she said motioning to me."Natilie this is Derek,the alpha and my dad,that's " she said motioning towards his beta "Allen,he's my dads beta and that over there is" She motioned towards the third "Haden,Third in command" she stated."Why is she here?" Allen growled out."I am here to ask the alpha if he would help us during the war on the day of the black moon" I stated looking irritated.Then we heard a loud bang down the stairs.We all immediately went to see what the noise was.It was Damion.He was attacking the pack on the lower level.I immediately jumped off the stair case and landed on my feet."Ah Natilie" he said with a smirk playing on his lips.I rolled my eyes and threw a fireball at his legs he quickly dogged it and threw one back at me.I caught it and threw it back which hit him on his arm.Everyone was now hiding besides everyone that was in the Alphas office."What do you want I told you I'm not joining you" I snarled at him."I wanted to tell you when the black moon shall be" He smirked at me."When?" I barked at him."In Three weeks" He said looking around.I took this as my chance,I teleported right in from of him and grabbed his shirt and lifted him up "I will defeat you,you will perish and good shall reign" I said through gritted teeth."Now leave" I said throwing him across the room.He stood up and walked out the door.I turned around to find the alpha and Allen and Haden along with Allison looking at me."Will you join in on the battle?" I asked the alpha.He nodded and I left.Great only three weeks to train.


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