My sixteenth Birthday

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The day had finally come, my 16th birthday. Our 16th birthdays are so Important because on this day we can transition into our half forms. Before than we can only switch from our human form to your wolf form. For use rare breeds our powers also start to develop more and it becomes unstable that's why we also start training too around this time.

"Zan your so lazy get up" said Gemma my best friend

"Aren't you excited about Augusto coming to see you today ? "

I blushed she was right over the past 3 years we had become closer, but it wasn't like that the first couple of months he visited. At first he was still the same creepy jerk who kept man handling me, but after the 1st year he seemed to start to calm down and i got to see the real him and actually build a friendship with him, but he still has his moments. Eventually I learned to not mention any of my friends to him sense that seemed to set him off.

"Yeah I guess but I wouldn't say excited"
"Yeah yeah yeah whatever lover boy I see the way you look at him during you twos little sparring matches. You be looking all hot and bothered if you know what I mean.

Oh my gosh why are you so nasty but I will admit that he's a amazing fighter, is really good looking and he has amazing control of his abilities but that's ass far as it goes

"You need to stop denying your feeling for him after all he is your mate but that's all gonna change tonight after the full moon you won't be able to keep your hands off him she said with a wink then slipped out my room. "

I was beginning to get nervous as my patents , Gemma, and I walked into the forest behind our mountain. I was only wearing a robe . We reached a opening in the forest. My parents told me I have one minute before the transition. My parents just smiled at me and Gemma rubbed my back, " it's not that bad it hurts like hell but it won't kill ya"
"Wow thanks for those words of encouragement" I said in a sarcastic voice.

Just as Gemma was about to say something I fell over and she backed away. I could feel myself beginning to change I could hear my bones cracking and reforming. It was excruciating my vision was going dim to clear as day. Just as quick as it had came it was gone I tried to stand up but fell back over my muscles were so soar. It hurts way more than transitioning to my wolf form because when were born were born as pups so I guess it's just more natural.

My parents and Gemma just starred at me before Gemma squeals and runs over to me and gives me a hug.
" Your so darn cute and your coat is Beautiful! "

My coat was pretty much the same as my wolf form I was a solid white with light blue spirals all over. On my tail there were triangle shaped marks

My parents looked teary eyed my mom says," our little pup is growing up so fast " she says as my dad holds her.
My dad looked a little worried.
"Dad what's wrong?"
"It's nothing son I'm just worried about your scent."
"Why what's wrong do I smell bad?"
"No it's not that it's just you have a amazing scent just like your grandmother. Her scent smells similar to yours and you know how her scent affects the regular werewolves"

My mom sniffs me and shacks her head yeah your right but Zans scent is lighter .

We went back to the cave and begin to get ready for the celebration i look in the mirror and notice some slight changes my eyes are lighter and has different shades of light blue with little specks if gold just like my parents. My hair was still the same light brown curly, my face also looked the same except my face looked more chiseled. I looked down and got excited maybe I'm taller I pulled out the tap measurer and looked at it disappointedly I was half a inch taller but still 5,6. I guess I'm not meant to be tall.

The party has began and my parents were greeting everyone. Gemma was dragging me to the front of the room were my parents were and I stood next to them as people came to congratulate me on my 16th and transformation each person kept brining up my new scent it was kinda getting aggravating plus it felt like the air was vibrating around me.

So I decided to go meet Gemma and decided I would ask her about it.

When I found her she was talking to some of the other rare breeds from our pack.
"Hey Gemma can I talk to you"
"Yeah sure what's up"
"Well i don't ..."

Before I could finish my sentence I smell the most amazing scent and I look toward it. There standing at the entrance is Augusto. He immediately notices me and starts to walk toward me he looked a bit aggravated but I couldn't tell for sure.
"Hey babe " said Augusto
While putting his arm around my waist sending shocks up my spin. I had to stop myself from moaning.
"Hey Augusto I say while pushing myself from him a little." Trying to hide my blush.
"Happy Birthday" he says placeing a kiss on my four head."
He looks around and back at me

"Why are you with these losers he says looking at Gemmas friends. You know how I feel about you hanging out people I don't know"
Gemma looks at him with a no you just didn't face,"First off they aren't loser and second Zan can go where ever he pleases" she says with a huff

" Augusto that's so rude you should apologize!"
''No I'm not but come with me I have a gift for you" he says while dragging me away"
I was in a daze from him holding my hand. I can't believe he had such a affect on me...

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