21.1 Scarlett's Art Of Uncovering Secrets

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The day Aiden has to fly to LA is spent in a rush.

I'd wanted to spend it with him and my plan involved taking the day off and helping him pack his bags and just being with him. Instead, I found myself offering to pack his luggage while he ran errands and paid the bills for the upcoming month, buying groceries I probably won't need and making sure everything is exactly perfect while he's gone.

"Aiden, I'll be fine," I keep telling him.

He doesn't hear it, telling someone on the phone to make sure the lease for our apartment has been paid for the upcoming six months.

I sigh, walking over to him and tapping him on the shoulder to get his attention. His eyebrows lift questioningly and I shake my head, telling him silently to hang up.

"Okay, I'll talk to you in a bit," he says to whoever he's been talking to. Aiden puts his hand down, his eyes scanning my face.

"Can we please spend some time together before you leave for a month?" I ask, my voice small.

Aiden's shoulders slump. "I'm sorry, Star, I just don't want you to have any trouble while I'm gone."

"And I know I'll be alone while you're gone so maybe you can spend your remaining time here with me instead of --"

Before I can say another word, Aiden has me wrapped in his arms and pulled close to his chest. His sudden action catches me off guard but I close my eyes and allow his familiar warmth to encase me. His touch is affectionate, his body my home.

"I'm going to miss you," Aiden's soft voice reaches my ears.

"I'll miss you too," I whisper back, winding my arms around his waist and burying my face in the crook of his neck.

Aiden inhales a deep breath, his chest rising evenly against mine.

"Okay, then ..." His arms loosen around me and I pull back to look up at him. "What do you want us to do?"

"First, I think we need to have your bags packed," I remind him with a small smile.

"Oh. Right."

Leaning up on my toes to give Aiden a quick kiss on the cheek, we begin gathering all the things Aiden needs to take with him. He doesn't want to take too many clothes as the brand he's representing will be giving him an entire wardrobe. Aside from a couple of shirts and pants, I convince him to take a suit along; he should be presentable when he has to meet someone important.

"Why do I need two toothbrushes?" Aiden asks, picking up the pack of two that I've dumped into his suitcase.

"In case you lose one," I answer without looking at him, too busy searching through his sock drawers to find matching pairs. Grabbing a pair of his boxers, I'm about to get up when I catch sight of a small orange bottle full of pills. I freeze, reaching out to take it between my fingers. Getting to my feet and straightening up, I stare down at the bottle of Xanax while the socks in my other hand slip out of my grasp and land next to my feet.

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